Top 5 Practical Ways to Extend Smartphone’s Battery Life in 2020

Top 5 Practical Ways to Extend Smartphone's Battery Life in 2020 - Phonebechdou

Top 5 Practical Ways to Extend Smartphone’s Battery Life

How to increase battery life of android phones?

Battery charging tips for android phones

According to a latest survey held in New York, people prefer screen size in buying a mobile phone. Next thing they consider in a mobile phone is battery. And 3rd is the quality of camera. Basically, these are the top three features; a customer wants to see in its mobile phone. But in this article, we shall discuss about the ways, you can increase the performance of your smartphone battery.

Since every smartphone manufacturing company is trying to make phones with bigger scree. Similarly, new features are also a big reason of battery consumption.

Smartphone battery charging tips

Every smartphone has its life cycle. In a certain life cycle it is built on specific charging module. It is a very negative practice to put your smartphone on charge again and again. Mostly, when a phone comes to 50 or 40% charging, people start charging their smartphones. Make it sure that you are charging hone when it shows low battery signal.  Simultaneously, if the phone has 100% power, you must not keep it on charging position.

New phone battery first charge

New phone battery first charge is required when it is low. Mostly, new phones come in 70 to 100% battery health. You need not to charge it at once when it has already available charging.

There is a wrong consumption in the market that fast charging impacts smartphone battery life. Yes, it is true if you are using poor quality non compactible charger. It has worst effects on a mobile phone battery. It is recommended to use original accessories. In case you have lost it, always prefer to buy standard fast battery chargers. Original chargers have high level of protecting and coating. They are made up of high level skill and protection technology.

Avoid multitasking when phone battery is below 15%

When a smartphone battery life is below than 15%, it starts building extra pressure on battery health. It can damage chemical structure of a phone battery. You need to avoid this too.

Protect mobile phone from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight has worst effect on mobile phone battery health. It not only damages battery structure but its performance too.

Turn off unnecessary apps

Generally, we keep using mobile phone when there are unnecessary apps are opened. For instance, Bluetooth will be on or gps will be working. To extend a phone battery life, put off all unnecessary features. You can also uninstall unnecessary apps too.


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