Top 3 Android free Vpn in 2020 you should try

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Top 3 Android free Vpn in 2020 you should try

If you want to surf securely via a VPN on your Android phone, this practical tip compares the three best VPN clients for Android.

1. VPN client for Android: Hotspot Shield VPN

“Hotspot Shield” is one of the best-known VPN clients that is used by millions of users worldwide, both on the PC and on the Android smartphone.

  • ” Hotspot Shield VPN ” directs your connection in the basic version via an American proxy server and thereby enables you to surf anonymously. On the one hand, you can surf safely and on the other hand you can also access websites that are not available in Germany.
  • The app detects unsecure WiFi connections and automatically activates HTTPS protection.
  • In the free version, you can surf the Internet for an unlimited period via “Hotspot Shield VPN”, but the bandwidth is limited. In addition, the IP location is set to the United States and cannot be changed. These features, as well as the removal of all advertising banners and the use of “Hotspot Shield VPN” on up to five devices, can be activated for 500 pkr per month by in-app purchase.

2. VPN client for Android: Tunnelbear VPN

An alternative to “Hotspot Shield VPN” is the free Android app “Tunnelbear VPN”.

  1. ” Tunnelbear VPN ” provides you with a free volume of 500 MB per month.
  2. Your connection is anonymized via a foreign proxy server. In addition to the Pakistan, USA and Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan, Canada, the Netherlands and Italy are available as geolocations.
  3. If you want to receive videos or music streams, you will quickly reach your limits with the included volume of 500 MB. Unlimited data volume can be activated by in-app purchase at a price of pkr 250 per month.

To be able to use the app, you have to create an account using your email address.

3. VPN client for Android: SurfEasy VPN

Another popular VPN client for Android is “SurfEasy VPN”.

  • After creating an account, ” SurfEasy VPN” connects you anonymously to the Internet via proxy servers in Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Singapore, Great Britain and the USA.
  • The included volume is 500 MB per month and can be expanded by more than 1 GB free of charge, for example by recommending the application to your friends or evaluating it in the Google Play Store.

For unlimited data volume, you pay 300 pkr per month for use on one device by in-app purchase.


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