Telenor is closing its business in Pakistan fake or real-PTA latest update

    Telenor fake news about shutting down its business is spreading through the country. Telenor and PTA has condemns such news.

    telenor banned in pakistan - phonebechdou

    Telenor is closing its business in Pakistan fake or real-PTA latest update

    Latest update on circulating rumor about Telenor business shutdown in Pakistan


    Telenor has been a victim of Islamic fundamentalism in Pakistan especially. Since, every severe religious desecration takes place in Norway, and impact comes to Telenor in Pakistan where a number of rumors suddenly abrupt to boycott Telenor products. It is not new. In past, since the company has started operations in Pakistan, there are certain incidents where the management of Norwegian company has to clarify its position.

    According to the latest updates, just a couple of days before a planned procession was held to disrespect Muslims sacred Book Holy Quran. The leader of the procession as set to burn the Muslims Holy Book “Holy Quran” when a man appeared and attacked the guy who was trying to burn the Holy book.

    There was a massive unrest among whole Muslim Uma. The reaction was also seen in Pakistan where a large number of religious s and other secular people started protesting against this event. But there was an uncertain situation appeared when people started receiving message that Telenor is being shut down by Pakistani Govt. a planned and edited Photograph was prepared where we can see monogram of PTA. Readers can see in the picture below too.

    telenor banned in pakistanThis picture is running on all major social media platforms and people are sharing it too without confirming the source channel. Where Pakistan telecommunication Authority has confirmed that it is fake news, Telenor Pakistan has also come forward to clarify its position of latest Norway incident.

    Subsequently, PTA has also condemned fake viral news against Telenor Pakistan:

    Telenor contribution to Pakistan’s Economy

    • Telenor has more than 36 million telephone users in Pakistan
    • Telenor has invested more than 3 billion USD $ in country’s economy
    • It has created more than 25,000 jobs
    • It provides facility to run business to 200,000 retailers across the country
    • Franchises, and services centres are providing livelihood to thousands of people indirectly
    • The company has deposited more than Over Rs. 147 billion tax returns

    In a nutshell, I would advise everyone to not believe on such fake news. And it is strongly recommended to not share such material. Just think for a moment, if Telenor closes its business in Pakistan how much loss we will be facing in already crippling economy.


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