Samsung Galaxy a20 vs a20s 2019- price & specs comparison

Samsung galaxy a20 vs a20s 2019 is 28,500 and 30,999. Check price and specs comparison of Samsung a20 and a20s.

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Samsung Galaxy a20 vs a20s 2019- price & specs comparison

Performance overview of Samsung latest smartphones

Samsung galaxy a20 price in Pakistan 2019: 28,500

Samsung galaxy 20s price in Pakistan 2019: 30,999


Samsung Galaxy a20 vs a20s 2019

Galaxy a20 and Samsung galaxy 20s are latest popular smartphones by Samsung. Both smartphones offer mid-range capabilities in low price. Samsung galaxy a20s is the latest variant of galaxy a20. Just within a year, Samsung has introduced its second series of mid-range smartphones with decent features. In this article, you will go through the minor and major differences between Samsung galaxy a20 and galaxy a20s.

Let’s start with the basic comparison of Samsung Galaxy a20 vs a20s specs:

Samsung Galaxy A20 full specs

Samsung A20s full specs


Display:  6.4 inches Display: 6.5 inches
Resolution: 720 x 1560 pixels Resolution: 720 x 1560 pixels
Memory: 3gb/32gb Memory: 3gb/32gb
Camera: 13 MP + 5 MP Camera: 13MP + 8MP + 5MP
Battery: 4000 mAh Battery: 4000 mAh
Fast charging : yes Fast Charging: yes
Fingerprint: yes rear Fingerprint: yes rear
GPU: Mali-G71 GPU: adreno 506
Processor: Samsung Exynos 7 Octa Processor: Snapdragon 450


Samsung galaxy a20 and a20s performance review

As we can see in above table, there are few points where Samsung has made the difference.

  • Camera
  • GPU
  • Processor
  • Display

We see improvements in these 4 fields while others are the same.

Meanwhile, there is not much difference in the price of galaxy a2 and a20s as compared to the features of both smartphones.

Resolution and camera performance

First of all, we shall discuss the screen size and resolution. Galaxy a20 comes with 6.4 inch screen with 720 screen pixels. On the other hand a20s s comes with 6.5 inches scree and pixels are the same. It means latest version of a20s will be carrying a little big screen. But in ppi density Samsung has deprived its customers.

Subsequently, there is difference e of camera performance too. Samsung a20 carries 2 main camera while a20s comes with triple cameras. In a20s 3rd camera addition is providing extra pixel space. Its wide lens will improve your photography.

Samsung a20 and a20s gaming

Surprisingly, both phones carry different processor. A20 comes with Samsung built exynos series processor while galaxy a20s comes with snapdragon series processor. Although both smartphones are equipped with good processors, but the clusters performance will decide the winner. Subsequently, 3gb ram is installed that will be sufficient to execute complex tasks including mid-range gaming. If you want to play high end gaming on this phone, your phone will lag and performance will be slow too. Battery consumption will be fast too.

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