pta tax on mobile phones- revised Tax Slabs on Mobile Phones by FBR

people are looking for latest fbr mobile tax list 2019. We have mentioned the revised tax slabs on mobile in this article.


pta tax on mobile phones- revised Tax Slabs on Mobile Phones by FBR

How much tax you will have to pay on your next imported smartphone?

pta tax on mobile phones has been increased on a quite higher terms. Hence, the federal government of Pakistan has increased flat tax rates on smartphones. So, according to the new federal budget 2019-2020 four major tax slabs have been merged into single slab. These slabs are:

  • Mobile levy
  • Withholding tax
  • Regulatory duty
  • Sales tax

Now, all these tax slabs have been merged into single slab. Furthermore, to facilitate mobile phone import duty single rate will be charged.

fbr mobile phone tax list 2019

According to latest fbr mobile phone tax list, tax on imported mobile phones will be as follow:

  • A phone with value of $30-$100 will be taxed flat Rs3,600
  • $100-200 will be Rs5,400
  • Less than $530 but more than $200 will be taxed Rs7,200
  • Mobile phones valued above $350-500 will be taxed Rs20,700

According to the government, by increasing mobile duties, it will be able to earn more revenue from imported smartphones. It will also encourage people to buy local phones from companies investing in Pakistan.

Since the new government has formed, it is taking strict measure against illegal mobile phone import. That is why; it has imposed multiple tax slabs on mobile phone import. Though, fbr mobile phone tax list 2019 shows some quite high tax rates on mobile phones, but it will also discourage mobile dealers who were involved in phone smuggling. Now, in case if they want to import luxury smartphones, they will have to pay a decent amount in the terms of taxes. Similarly, every phone will be go through pta mobile registration system.


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