Review of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 10S: Price & Specifications

Xiaomi Mi 10S

Xiaomi Mi 10S Price in Pakistan is 80,000

Last year, Xiaomi launched its first real premium smartphone, the Mi 10. The high performance and balance in all other aspects have been a success with buyers. As a result, in 2021, many are still choosing this model. Therefore, the Chinese company decided to release a slightly updated version of the smartphone – Xiaomi Mi 10S.

Since in the development of processors, Qualcomm first introduced the powerful Snapdragon 888, and then the more energy efficient Snapdragon 870. In this regard, many smartphone manufacturers have chosen a similar strategy – releasing one flagship and one model slightly weaker. That is why Xiaomi first got Mi 11 with Snapdragon 888, and then Mi 10S with Snapdragon 870.

Design and unboxing

The packaging of the Xiaomi Mi 10S is practically the same as that of the Mi 11 – thin and environmentally friendly when no charger and cable are included. In addition to the smartphone, the box contains only a case, a tool for a SIM card tray and an adapter for 3.5 mm. Although there is also the usual package with a 33 W charging adapter.

The dimensions of the Mi 10S are the same as those of the Mi 10, and the screen is 6.67-inch with a hole for the front camera in the upper left corner.

But the back surface is very different from the Mi 10 and is more reminiscent of the Mi 10 Ultra. It is made of glass, although the coating hardly collects fingerprints. On the blue version, orange tints are visible when light hits at certain angles.

The design of the module with cameras here is the same as on the Mi 10 Ultra, only the dimensions are smaller. On the top and bottom, everything is as usual: a Type-C connector, a microphone and an infrared port. Above and below there are speakers, which form a stereo pair.

Smartphone screen

The 6.67-inch curved display with Full HD + resolution and 90Hz refresh rate also has a sampling rate of 180Hz, as well as 5th generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

The screens for Xiaomi Mi 10S are supplied by the Chinese company Huaxing Optoelectronics. The display here is the same as that of the Mi 10, with a maximum brightness of up to 1120 nits. Thanks to the front and rear light-sensitive units, the brightness is automatically adjusted.

There’s a fingerprint reader under the screen, and the display itself supports DC dimming and DCI-P3 color space. It also performed professional calibration of colors and shades. The average Delta E is only 0.41 – the shades are very accurate.

Xiaomi Mi 10S cameras

The quad camera system of the Mi 10S is the same as the Mi 10. Here we have the same 108MP main sensor and a 13MP ultra wide angle lens. There is also a 2MP depth sensor and a 2MP macro lens.

The main camera module of Xiaomi Mi 10S has three important functions:

  1. The first is the powerful Night Mode. When shooting in low light, the detail will be higher thanks to the RAW algorithms.
  2. The second is AI (artificial intelligence) scene recognition. The neural network will analyze brightness, colors, and even frame composition in real time. After that, AI algorithms are applied to give the photos a “texture”.
  3. The third is HEIF support. Due to the 108MP resolution, the size of the captured images will be huge. HEIF is able to compress up to 50% of the volume while maintaining high quality.

There is no telephoto lens, so the 5x zoom is digital. There will be noticeable blur as you scale. If you are interested in shooting distant objects, it is best to use a 108MP lens at full resolution, then zoom in and crop the image. Thanks to the high resolution, the detail will be fine.

The shades and quality of shooting from the ultra-wide-angle sensor is not much inferior to the main one, and the viewing angle is wide – 123 degrees. At night, the Mi 10S wide-angle camera is no better than the Mi 11, because there is no automatic mode that includes night shooting algorithms. But, with manual Night Mode, the Mi 10S takes photos on par with the Mi 11.

In the camera application, you can enable portrait mode or macro photography, which activate the corresponding 2 MP lenses. Their quality is not bad, the optics are really useful when shooting portraits and, at close range.

Autonomy Xiaomi Mi 10S

The Xiaomi 10S smartphone received a rather large battery capacity – 4780 mAh. Thanks to her, the gadget is able to hold out for at least a day, even with intense gaming sessions.

The 90Hz screen is really very energy efficient. Half an hour of Tiktok consumed about 6% of the power, while another half hour of 1080p video consumed 4%. The PUBG game took 9% of the battery, and half an hour of Genshin Impact took 17% of the battery. These results make the Mi 10S one of the most efficient devices we’ve tested in recent memory.


Xiaomi Mi 10S is a great smartphone, close to the flagship level, while we get better stereo speakers and an updated “system on a chip” – the most important difference.

The design of the Mi 10S is similar to the Mi 10 Ultra, although the cameras here are from last year’s Mi 10, which is a bit disappointing. However, if performance and battery life are more important to you, Xiaomi’s Mi 10S is an excellent choice.


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