PTA warn to buy only PTA approved mobile phones

What is the process of checking PTA approved phone? Read our article to check whether your phone is legally imported or not.

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PTA warn to buy only PTA approved mobile phones

Here is how to verify your mobile device?

As operations against smuggled and unregistered mobile phone started back in 2018 soon the new GOVT. took its oath. After various warnings, now finally PTA is sending unverified notices to owners. If your phone is not registered, you have to pay duty on it to clear your device.

So what to do before you buy a phone?

“Before buying, make it sure, device is PTA approved”

How to check if your phone is approved with PTA?

Send your phone 15 digit IMEI number to 8484

How to check mobile IMEI no?

To check phone IMEI no, you can dial *#06 #. It will display IMEI no later you can send it to PTA given code to verify device status.

Before paying to retailer, make it sure that you have gone through the following process. So no one can scam you.

Which devices will be blocked?

According to PTA official website, all mobile devices which are set to SIM operations will be blocked whether it is tablet, dongle or smartphone.

What is DIRBS system of PTA?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has developed a system (DIRBS) for people to ensure a reliable buying and selling procedure. It assists customers to verify IMEI of their devices to ensure that their devices are legally imported.

What is the mobile registration procedure for foreigners coming to Pakistan?

If you are bringing a phone in Pakistan, you need to fill in form at custom’s desk. Later submit it to customs authority. You can download this form from given link:

Remember! This form is to be filled, do not send it to the PTA as your phone will be registered at customs office.

What if you have a gifted smartphone?

Whether you have bought your phone or some relative living in foreign country has gifted it to you: you need to verify its IMEI no. PTA only allows phones with legitimate status.

How many phone devices are free?

One device is meant to be free for every person coming to Pakistan. Once it is registered on your name, you will be in the official record. Later, you come with more devices; your status will be checked.

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