PTA VPN Registration Online 2020: How to register vpn pta in Pakistan?

How to Register vpn with PTA free in Pakistan

PTA VPN Registration Online 2020: How to register vpn pta in Pakistan?

Simple Guide to register vpn pta in Pakistan free of cost

PTA has decided to extend the vpn registration date. Now, vpn user can register their vpn by 30th September, 2020. Earlier, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has revises vpn registration deadline twice.

How to register vpn with pta?

PTA Vpn registration process in Pakistan 2020

1: Contact your service provider individual/company

2- Complete all documentation and other legal requirement

3- Apply through your internet company services

4- In case you have any issue in pta vpn registration process, you can contact at following address

Following are the most common questions related to pta vpn form and registration process 2020:

What kind of vpn you should register?

A vpn that encrypts traffic should be registered with pta.

Is user allowed to use voice on vpn?

Commonly, voice is not encrypted in vpn. But in rare cases it may require voice. But it depends on the type of vpn encryption process.

Which vpn pta will block?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority will block all unregistered vpn.

Do I need to register the server operation in foreign country but being used in Pakistan?

Yes every server operating from Pakistan need to be registered with PTA.

Do individuals need to be registered with PTA for vpn registration?

All registered companies are allowed to use valid and legitimate vpn in Pakistan. If any server or vpn operation abroad but employees are working here can apply for individual registration. This process will require documentation process.

I am using registered companies vpn, and working from home, is there any need to register employees?

No, if you are the employee of a registered company, there is no need for registration.

How much fee pt charge for vpn registration?

According to the latest policy of government, there is no pta vpn registration fee. It is free.

From where I can download pta vpn mobile registration form online?

You can download your required form at given address:


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