Pta tax on iPhone 11 in Pakistan vs actual tax applied by fbr

pta tax on apple iphone 11 is Rs 40,390. To check complete pta mobile tax rates on iPhone 11 all models, check the list below.


Pta tax on iPhone 11 vs actual tax applied by fbr at airport

What is the real tax rate on iPhone 11, pro, and pro max?


It was quite strange when we saw a couple of fbr tax receipts on imported mobile phones. These receipts were charged high as compared to actual tax rates given by Federal Board of Revenue. According to fbr mobile tax policy 2019, all mobile phones have been adjusted under flat tax rate. The problem is not with the pta and but the charges fbr is receiving on Airport against imported smartphone devices.

Let me share with you the actual mobile tax rates 2019 according to fbr mobile tax policy mentioned in federal budget 2019-2020.

Serial No Mobile actual price Applicable tax
1 $30-100 Rs3,600
2 $100-200 Rs5,400
3 $200- $530 Rs7,200
4 $350-500 Rs20,700
5 more than $500 Rs36,000

In this mobile tax table you can see the applicable taxes are mentioned against every mobile cost in certain $ rate. So according to this list, an international traveler, individual or a local imported will be paying fee according to these rates.

But recently, what we have seen that fbr office is charging high mobile rates on imported devices. For instance, an international traveler came to Pakistan. He brought Samsung Galaxy s10 plus. According to fbr mobile tax policy 2019, he was meant to be charged Rs36,000. But he paid 40,390. You can see in following image:tax on phone receipt - phonebechdou

You can check both: phone model and customs duty. Now match it again with the above given mobile tax list 2019.

In short, if you are importing iPhone 11, keep in mind that mobile tax rate can fluctuate. It may cost you 40,390.

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