pta mobile registration verification issues 2019-pta approved mobile check

how to check pta approved mobile? Check guide for pta mobile registration passport & pta mobile registration fee along with pta tax list 2019.

pta mobile registration verification issues 2019-pta approved mobile check

pta mobile registration verification issues 2019-pta approved mobile check

Frequently asked questions in pta mobile registration online –pta imei check online

Pta mobile registration online is a complete portal to register blocked mobile phone. It provides a proper and easy channel for free phone registration. There is no fee on pta mobile registration on passport or cnic. But you will have to pay mobile phone duty. There is difference in mobile phone registration fee and fbr mobile tax.

If you go to pta online website to register blocked mobile phone, it is free. PTA demands no fee on online mobile registration or verification. Subsequently, if you go to mobile franchise to register phone in pta dirbs system, it will charge 100 rupee.

How to pay fbr mobile tax?

There are two situations:

Via pta online website phone registration, it will give you a psid code. Psid code carries the amount you need to pay to fbr.

If you register mobile phone at mobile phone frnachise, they will also give you payment slip.

In both cases, you will deposit the amount to bank.

In this article, I shall explain the answers of various questions mobile owners face during pta mobile registration process:

What is meant by a complaint device?

A complaint device comes under following category:

  • A device with valid pta coc
  • Not blacklisted or stolen mobile phone
  • Phone has unique imei number
  • Mobile phone has imei no generated by gsma

How to resolve “Invalid GSMA TAC” for online mobile registration?

This message appeared when a device doesn’t carry a valid imei no. mobile owner must provide a valid imei number to register

I am a student, do I enjoy discount on mobile phone registration?

No, there is a single law for everyone. Fbr mobile tax applies on every imported and unregistered device.

What is meant by paired device?

A paired device means that it carries a wrong or invalid imei no. such devices will be blocked by pta

I am Pakistani and living abroad, can I register phone from my current country?

No, to register an imported mobile phone you need to visit Pakistan. Pta website only accepts online mobile phone registration from Pakistan.

I am receiving a message on online registration that passport is not valid for tax exemption

This situation appears when a mobile owner registers phone after 60 days. So, it is recommended to register mobile phone within 60 days.

How to check pta approved mobile?

It is very important to check pta approved mobile before buying a new device. Even, you are buying a second hand mobile phone, make it sure you check if the device is pta compliant or not.

There are 3 best methods to check pta approved mobile/device:

pta imei check online

  • Download pta dirbs application and enter imei no of device. It will display device current status

From where to get pta mobile tax list 2019?

You can check latest fbr mobile tax rates 2019 on following link


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