Pta mobile phone tax on Samsung Galaxy S11 in Pakistan 2020

pta tax on Samsung s11 is 41,000. You can calculate pta/fbr duties on moile phones in 2020 using pta tax calculator 2020. Calculate tax on s11 in 5 seconds now.

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Pta mobile phone tax on Samsung Galaxy S11 in Pakistan 2020

Pta mobile phone tax calculator 2020- check fbr duty on any imported phone now

Pta mobile phone duty on Samsung galaxy s11 is 41,000. S11 will be launched in February 2020. Samsung mobile phone lovers are waiting for the latest edition of galaxy flagship phone. It is heard that it is coming with killing specifications. Furthermore, android user will be enjoying a high end camera integration in it.

Although, we all love to buy Samsung new mobile phones but strong chances are there that this phone will be launched in Pakistan in april. Now, if you buy s11 from any foreign country or directly import it, how much fbr mobile phone duty on s11 you will pay?.

In this article, I am going to share with you some ways to save a fair amount of tax on this phone. Moreover, you can also check the latest galaxy s11 mobile phone tax accurately. I will also update you with a latest application to check s11 samsung pta tax in Pakistan in 2020.

How to save pta tax on Samsung galaxy s11 in Pakistan?

The best method to save tax on s11 is to import directly on your passport. You can ask your any friend or relative too. Next step is to pay Samsung s11 pta mobile phone registration tax. Pta allows you to register mobile phone in 60 days.

If you pay fbr mobile phone duty within 60 days, you can save upto 23% of total tax. For instance, the total fbr mobile duty on Samsung s11 is 41,000. If you register this phone within 60 days, you can save 11 thousand rupees.

Let’s see on other aspect. 60 days have been passed and you haven’t applied for the mobile phone registration, pta will block your new s11. Now, in this scenario you will be paying flat 41,000 rupees.

What if I don’t use local sim in my new Samsung s11?

There will be no pta tax on s11 samsung galaxy in Pakistan if you are not using any local sim. Once you insert local mobile telecom operator sim, pta will send you mobile registration notice. So I recommend all overseas Pakistanis, if they want to save pta mobile phone registration tax you can follow these two steps:

  1. Register mobile phone within 60 days
  2. Do not pay pta tax if your stay is less than 60 days in Pakistan

How to check pta mobile phone tax on any phone?

You can go to following link:

This is an online pta mobile phone tax calculator 2020. It provides exact fbr duty on imported devices. So, if you want to import s11, you can check payable pta fee on it by using this online phone tax calculator. You can also share this link to your family and friends.


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