PTA IMEI VERIFICATION ISSUES 2019- pta imei check online

pta mobile registration online and device verification requires imei number. Read common problems user faces for mobile registration online in pta dirbs login.

pta imei registeration issues - phonebechdou

PTA IMEI VERIFICATION ISSUES 2019- pta imei check online

How to pta imei number online dirbs?

Pta imei online registration comes with a couple of issues. Subsequently, mobile registration online may put you in a situation. There are a lot of problems which are not answered yet.i have noticed that mobile users keep asking questions on social media pages about pta registration check, pta helpline number for mobile blocking, and pta device verification. There is no visible and practical solution available on online platforms too.

In this guide to register mobile phone online and how to pay pta tax will assist you in finding imei number related problems. There are a number of certain conditions where you will feel helpless. In this article I will try my best to give you answers of every possible question you will face pta mobile registration online.

My phone imei number is already in pta dirbs system?

There can be 2 situations

  • Someone has ried to register that specific deive before and didn’t pay pta mobile tax
  • Given imei number is already verified by pta

In first scenario, if you do not know or misplaced previous psid slip for tax payment; you can write a separate application to pta for mobile phone registration.

My second sim imei number is not working?

If your second sim slot is not working, it means it is not registered with pta. You need to register it first. The procedure will be:

  • Deregister compliant imei number first
  • Apply for both imei numbers registration again

My mobile was working before January 2019, now sims are not working?

After January 2019, every mobile phone requires pta registration. Phones which didn’t pat fbr mobile phone tax are not working. Pta has blocked such devices. To operate it, you need to register it first. Also pay fbr mobile duties.

Can I register imei number unverified by gsma?

No, all mobile phones carry gsma valid imei numbers. Igf you have a mobile phone which doesn’t carry a valid cnic, it cannot be registered. I would suggest to not pay mobile tax for such devices. Because pta dirbs system only accept valid imei numbers.

What if my phone is compliant but unable to work on any network?

All complaint devices work on every mobile network. If you have fb mobile tax and still you are facing network error, follow these steps:

  • First of all wait for 2-3 days after paying pta mobile registration fee
  • After given time, restart phone and try other network sim cards
  • Having issue relevant to specific network, you can call to such company helpline number. They will sort out issue. Because, pta compliant devices are opened for every network.

Are you finding any difficulty in mobile phone registration? or want to ask mobile phone registration tax in Pakistan? Join our comment section. We will appreciate your questions.


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