PTA blocked mobile phone online deals in Lahore for cash

These new pta blocked mobile phone deals are for those people who have pta blocked mobile phones and want to sell on best place to sell used phone for cash online in Lahore.

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Latest PTA blocked mobile phone deals in Lahore

Sell used pta blocked smartphones online instantly


If you have a phone that is not compliant with pta, you have two options in this regard: register mobile phone with pta online or sell used phone online for instant cash. In most cases, pta is charging huge fees for registration of blocked mobile phone. So many people try to find individual buyer to sell phone. Because in markets, pta blocked devices have no worth. Whether you have a very expensive phone or you have imported it; it is of no use in Pakistan if it fails in pta mobile verification.

Where to sell pta blocked mobile phone in Lahore?

Mobile owners think that their pta unverified smartphones are useless. But there is always a way. As it is mentioned above, if you can afford, you can go for pta mobile registration online. But if you cannot afford pta mobile phone registration fee, you can sell it at

It is an online used phone buying shop that buys second hand phone in Lahore by all major manufacturers. Since, PTA is blocking unregistered phones, this company has stated golden offer for all mobile phone owners who want to sell their phones for cash instantly.

How much price I can get from selling pta blocked mobile phone?

As pta blocked mobile phones cannot be used for general purpose, its hardware value only. You can get a good amount against your mobile if it is in perfect condition. Still you will get a good amount rather wasting it somewhere. To get the instant quote for used pta blocked phone, you can visit this site or contact its customer support.

Why selling pta blocked phone?

Selling pta blocked phone brings you value of money. Good smartphones always pay good cash in return. Keeping a pta blocked device will not benefit you rather you may damage its hardware, but selling it online at best place to sell used cell phone in Lahore can give you few bucks. Earning some cash is not a bad idea to buy a new pta verified phone.


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