Ps5 vs xbox series x specs comparison 2020: (August Update)

Ps5 vs xbox series x specs comparison 2020: (August Update)
Ps5 vs xbox series x specs comparison 2020: (August Update)

Ps5 vs xbox series x specs comparison 2020: (August Update)

Coming out in the fall, the new Sony and Microsoft consoles are already being compared. Here are all the differences between the two next-gen platforms

Video game fans and simply curious by now will know it well, it will be PS5 and Xbox Series X to define the next generation of gaming. In fact, these are the next two consoles, respectively from Sony and Microsoft, which will animate the next-gen, ready to challenge each other as hard-nosed as the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

 And if it is true that the new “console war” seems inevitable, it is natural to believe that this will be fought with brute power, technical specifications, services and of course video games, especially on the exclusive ones – whether total or merely temporal.

The two gaming giants will then have to give proof of strength and cunning again, in an attempt to seduce the community geeks and consequently their wallets.

Ps5 vs xbox series x comparison summary (1 minute Reading)

With the release of PS5 and Xbox Series X expected by the holiday season of 2020 – many, among the experts, are aiming for November as the ideal month for the launch -, we are still waiting to discover a certain date to take us to home one and / or the other console, as well as the price with which the two companies will attack the market.

 In the meantime, however, we already know many of the features of the new generation platforms, considering that both the Redmond and the Japanese giant have held several events in live streaming to show the world the design – including that of the controller.

The features under the body and also some of the titles that will animate the line-up from the debut to 2022. Microsoft, in particular, then emphasized the beauty of the Xbox Game Pass , a subscription service that will still be more important in its business strategy, and which represents only one of the many differences between the two “home” devices.

Precisely the differences between PlayStation 5 and the fourth Xbox are at the center of our guide, in which we will try to clarify the peculiar offers of Microsoft and Sony so as to arrive prepared for autumn. And to a possible purchase to make the big leap into the new generation of console video games.

  1. PS5 and Xbox Series: the next-gen comparison
  2. PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: the hardware differences
  3. PS5 and Xbox Series X: the new generation pads

PS5 and Xbox Series: the next-gen comparison

The release of PS5 and Xbox Series X will be a particularly delicate moment for Sony and Microsoft, which at this stage will have to play their main cards. On the one hand, the almond-eyed manufacturer has been arriving for seven intense years in which it has undoubtedly excelled over its rival both from a hardware and software point of view.

On the other hand the “big M” will strive to reap the benefits of the efforts made in recent years to catch up after the first missteps with Xbox One.

Net of inevitable doubts, both companies seem to have their own personal interpretation of the next-gen very clear, and are obviously looking for a different positioning on the market , focusing on different fields.

On the other hand, the announcement of the technical specifications of PlayStation 5 by lead architect Mark Cerny has allowed us to discover that the fifth Sony home console will not have the same power as the future Xbox – even if its super-fast SSD promises wonders –

While on the American front, the concept of ecosystem is increasingly strong, made up of a “gentle” generational transition and Smart Delivery, a feature that will allow us to play the best version of a title on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X: the hardware differences

Now that the official technical characteristics of PS5 and Xbox Series X are no longer a secret, we have the opportunity to make a first numerical comparison – and direct! – between the two new generation consoles.

 However, this is not a cold and soulless head head as it might appear at first glance: it is in fact essential to underline that often numbers are not enough, and many other factors come into play to decide which is the optimal machine for developers. how much for users.

Without forgetting the decisive role played by the pixel and polygon productions that will be in charge of shaping the virtual library of the two contenders.

One aspect, that of video games in development, which we will touch on later. Now let’s focus on analyzing the technical data sheets of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 , taking into consideration some of the main aspects illustrated by the two giants of the sector. Starting with the processor that beats under their body and that is a bit of a beating heart for the entire engineering system.

 PS5 boasts an  AMD Zen 2 custom 8 core @ 3.5 GHz (with variable frequency) , while for Xbox Series X we have an  AMD Zen 2 custom 8 core @ 3.8 GHz / 3.66 GHz with SMT. This means that while Microsoft has opted for a fixed frequency, Sony has instead chosen a processor very similar to the desktop ones in operation, which vary the clock speed according to the temperature and the amount of work required.

PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Gpu

Looking at the GPU , PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X both deploy AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture in the field. But in the first case we find 36 computing units, with  10.28 TFLOPS and a maximum frequency of 2.23 GHz.

 While in the second 52 units with 12 TFLOPS and a constant speed of 1.8 GHz, enriched by the technology known as Rate Shading (VRS), responsible for optimizing the graphics sector of the games by concentrating certain effects on specific characters or objects.

PS5 and Xbox Series X: the new generation pads

Over the years, professionals and simple enthusiasts have given more and more importance to the controller and more generally to the control system of a console. An area in which Sony has decided to amaze, equipping its PS5 with the fascinating and ambitious DualSense.

The almond-eyed company has not in fact limited itself to proposing an updated version of the more than twenty-year-old DualShock, but has chosen to dare with an heir who makes tactile functionality its workhorse , without giving up some distinctive traits of its glorious past.

Not surprisingly, the layout of the front buttons is always the same, the levers are always symmetrical, and the touchpad is still present, albeit with a larger surface than that of the PS4 controller. In particular, it will be interesting to test the goodness of  haptic feedback  and  adaptive triggers .

The first will allow us to perceive the different materials of which a track is made in a driving video game, while with the adaptive triggers on the R2 and L2 dorsal we will perceive an even more realistic feeling using objects or various types of weapons. DualSense is also equipped with a microphone to quickly join voice chats with friends.


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