Oppo New Model Mobile Phone list

Latest Oppo mobiles price 2
Latest Oppo mobiles price 2

Oppo Mobile Price in Pakistan July 15 2020: Oppo New Model Mobile Phone list

Most updated Oppo new mobile phoes price list in Pakistan

New and Upcoming Oppo Mobile Phones Price List 2020

Sr# Oppo New Model Mobile Phone list 2020  Oppo Mobile Price in Pakistan 2020
1OPPO Reno 10x zoom price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 109999
2OPPO Find X2 Pro price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 179999
3OPPO F15 Ultra Thin price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 44999
4OPPO F15 price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 44999
5OPPO Reno 3 price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 59999
6OPPO Reno 3 Pro price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 64999
7  Oppo A92 price in Pakistan 2020

Rs. 38,500  
8Oppo A12e price in Pakistan 2020

9Oppo R17 Pro price in Pakistan 2020

10Oppo A92 price in Pakistan 2020

11Oppo A52 price in Pakistan 2020


Oppo has a total global market share of 7.6%. If you add up the two brands including OnePlus , then the BBK Electronics Group has 15% market share for smartphones worldwide in 2017, which among other things exceeds Apple. Oppo is also the parent company of OnePlus and there are some parallels between the smartphones.

OPPO started in 2004 with universal upscalers for DVD and Blu-ray players, in which the regional code was the only manufacturer to be open. Business with smartphones and cell phones started in 2008. The company is headquartered in Guangdong, China.

New and Upcoming Oppo Mobile Phones Analysis

The company’s success can also be seen in the figures: With Xiaomi , the number of units of smartphones sold was on par: Xiaomi 7.2% and Oppo 6.9% of all smartphones sold worldwide in 2017. That makes a total of 111.7 million Smartphones in 2107. Oppo is a bad brand in the Chinese market, but expansion in other countries is also progressing: India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

With the new Oppo Find X , expansion into our realm follows: the Find X, like the Vivo Nex, is a technical dream. Here, too, a motor is used that extends the camera unit when necessary: ​​this highlights both the front camera and the main camera from the shadow of the back.

The smartphone alone is enough advertising for the brand, in addition the Louvre in Paris was chosen for the presentation and the smartphone comes with all the necessary LTE frequencies for worldwide use. The two new high-end flagships Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X will put the Chinese manufacturers more in the foreground.

Oppo Mobile Phones price attraction factor

The other devices from Oppo are more in the direction of Apple’s iPhone: They too are emulating the original, which is well received in Asia in terms of marketing technology. The same applies to the price of Oppo smartphones: among Chinese cell phones, they are not exactly bargains.

 The price / performance corresponds more to what you normally get in Germany. We recently had the Oppo R9Sin the test. This came with solid equipment and many features that we know from OnePlus, as well as a good camera. On the Oppo smartphones you can also find an alternative launcher called Color OS.

This is also very much based on Apple iOS. In addition, there are new Oppo devices with the latest technology and trends, and chip manufacturers Qualcomm and Mediatek will be supplying Oppo with new processors very soon. Oppo still has very interesting devices, unfortunately often with high prices.

Aggressive marketing is good for China, but will it work in Europe? In any case, Oppo has what it takes to reach the top. With the start of Europe we had the Oppo Find X2 Pro in the test.

It represents the maximum of what is technically possible.
In test reports, Oppo smartphones, like all other smartphones, are primarily tested for the three central pillars “display, performance and usability”. 

For example, testers measure the brightness and color of the displays , the runtime using various test scenarios – such as video-only operation – and the performance of the chipset. In addition, test magazines carry out artificial stress tests, so-called benchmarks, in order to be able to classify Oppo smartphones in leaderboards.

New and Upcoming Oppo Mobile Phones Usability

 The usability , on the other hand, is assessed less synthetically than in the practical test by the editors, here the ratings of the test magazines differ the most because the operation is often subject to subjective tastes.

Regarding the really measurable things, however, the magazines mostly agree and paint a very precise picture of what you can expect from Oppo. Here, a clear distinction must be made between the respective top models and the rest of the portfolio.

 Oppo impresses with the models of its “Find” model range, which not only have strong chipsets, lots of memory and beautiful displays, but also set standards in design. For the first time, these are truly completely borderless displays and the innovative folding camera of the Find X design features that could not be found at any other provider at this time.

With the simpler devices in turn, the focus is more on ease of use and a very attractive price-performance ratio. The mass of the portfolio is therefore limited to simple chipsets and – surprisingly for a manufacturer from China – smaller batteries. 


More demanding apps can quickly cause the devices to become short of breath and result in individual stutters. In return, there are almost always high-resolution displays and high-resolution cameras, whose quality can compete with mid-range devices despite the entry-level price. The design of these solid everyday smartphones is also rather traditional.


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