My Android Phone is slowing down: How to speed up my smartphone performance?

My Android Phone is slowing down

My Android Phone is slowing down: How to speed up my smartphone performance?

Android deserves to be experienced in all respects. Here is a collection of tricks, secrets and tips on how to best use your smartphone.

Android is undoubtedly a very complex operating system. The more complex the more apps and services we install. We can do anything and therefore deserves to be improved with a series of tricks, tips and secrets that can come in handy every day. Let’s take full possession of our phone with this guide.

Android apps pre-installed

Each manufacturer applies their own customizations to the operating system. Android was born stock  with Google and turns into something very elaborate with Samsung, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi and all the other world vendors . 

Often it already starts with at least a couple of applications that we will never use. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to uninstall them or at least disable them.  In addition, it is always possible to establish in any time in permissions to be granted to apps, even if in the first use phase we have granted access to sensitive components. In this case, just:

  • go to Phone Settings
  • select the item “Apps and Notifications” or simply “Applications”
  • choose the Permissions option

And from here disable what we don’t consider necessary. In this way we will be sure that suspicious apps intercept data from sensors, the system and other hardware and software components.

Android battery life

The big problem of Android and the rest of all the electronic instrumentation with independent power supply is without doubt the poor autonomy. It is seldom possible to exceed the day and a half of average use. The primary responsible for high energy consumption is undoubtedly the screen.

 As the resolution increases – and depending on the technology used by the manufacturer – consumption increases. Just act on the brightness level by setting it approximately to a manual value of 25% in standard environmental conditions. We turn off automatic brightness. To do this we follow the path:

Settings> Display> Brightness

A large battery and the optimization of an updated OS greatly benefit a substantial increase in autonomy. But the phone cannot work miracles. It’s all about how you use the stand. We disable connectivity profiles when not needed. Which applies to NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS. We calibrate the choices well on the basis of our current needs. It would also be worth considering this complete guide  on what NOT to do with the phone battery.

Android camera

The Android smartphone is no longer just phones but also some real camera-phone in all respects. They can replace any compact mid-range with their multiple lenses and all system-integrated software features. Just know the right tools and the photos become works of art.

Each manufacturer customizes the camera app by including Pro mode which allows you to manually customize focus, ISO, exposure time, brightness, contrast, white balance and a whole host of other parameters. Here are some general rules for having good photos.

ISO levels

  • 100: for outdoor shots in normal conditions
  • 200: for indoor shots without artificial light, during sunrise and sunset or in cloudy weather
  • 400: for shots in low light

In all this, consider the hardware tools made available by the phone manufacturer. There are manufacturers who integrate double or triple cameras with different focal apertures and multiple lenses in tele , macro and wide-angle . You need to have experience to have good photos but once acquired you will leave Auto mode forever .


Phone manufacturers have understood that Android gaming plays an important role. It is no coincidence that they are born phones like Razer and Black Shark of Xiaomi . There is no need to buy a smartphone geared purely to video games. Each developer provides a special optimization function for games, the so-called Game Mode .

 Thanks to this function, the environment turns into a console with zero distractions. We can silence notifications but also make screenshots, recordings and much more. All for the benefit of truly full-immersive gaming .


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