Motorola p30 play price in Pakistan 2019-motorola p30 play specification

motorola p30 play price in pakistan in 2019 is 46,500. You can compare motorola p30 play price olx Lahore, Karachi, and other major cities. Check p30 play full specs.

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Motorola p30 play price in Pakistan 2019-Motorola p30 play specification

6 reasons to buy Motorola p30 play

Motorola p30 play price in Pakistan 2019: 46,500

Motorola p30 play which is also called Motorola one is in the market.  It is one of the latest mobile phones by Motorola that comes with a number of brilliant features and specs. In the very first look, this phone gives you a point of attraction. Its exterior doesn’t provide you a mixture of colors like other Chinese mobile companies are doing with the latest mobile devices. But it simply gives you three attractive colors with a solid sleek body.

Blazing exterior with shiny and smooth covers

You wouldn’t find anything noisy on it. It delivers maximum display by minimizing bezels from the screen. Subsequently, its back is quite clean, shiny, and reflective that will give its holder a smooth and premium sensation.

Motorola p30 play best 6 features

  1. 6 hours of power in just 20 minutes with turbo power technology
  2. 9″ Max Vision HD+ display
  3. Latest AI-powered innovations
  4. Unlocked for GSM carriers
  5. Picture perfect cameras
  6. Android™ upgrades and built-in security

Super flash charging with Motorola Turbo Power Technology

I haven’t mentioned other particular specifications that almost every phone carries. This phone has something new in it. As we can see in above-given list, Motorola p30 play reenergizes your mobile phone in just 20 minutes of charging that will last for 6 hours. It is fabulous. None of the phones is providing such flash speed charging. Although it has only 3000 mAh power battery when you have a quick charge option that will not let end your mobile operations throughout the day. Just set the phone on charging, have your meal and the work is done. Start using your mobile for another 6 hours.

Motorola P30 play full specifications

Operating system: Android™ 9.0
Sensors: Fingerprint reader
Memory: 4 GB
Internal storage: 64 GB
GPU: Adreno 506
Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon 625
Charging: 15 W TurboPower
Battery life: 3000 mAh
Charger type: USB-C type
Display size: 5.9”
Water protection: splash-resistant P2i
Resolution: (720×1520)
camera: 13+2
front: 8mp

Motorola P30 play performance review

Motorola p30 play is a mid-range smartphone in performance. For normal operations, it can be best choice. It is offering the following advantages:

  • Dual camera
  • Good battery timing
  • Decent ram and rom
  • Mid-range gaming
  • Classic design with glaring colors

Display size is good but its ppi density might suffer in high resolution games. Moreover, adreno 506 is a good option for average games. But if you are expecting to play heavy games like player battle underground mobile, adreno 506 is not a perfect choice. I am not saying that you can’t play pubg mobile with this phone, but its pixel resolution and speed will be low as compared to other latest high end smartphones.


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