Motorola Edge Plus Price in Pakistan 2020: Pta tax on latest Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge Plus Price in Pakistan 2020
Motorola Edge Plus Price in Pakistan 2020

Motorola Edge Plus Price in Pakistan 2020: Pta tax on latest Motorola Edge

Motorola Edge Plus price in Pakistan is PKR 105,999

Motorola Edge Plus Price in USD is $633

Pta Tax on Motorola Edge Plus: 41,000

Differentiating is not a simple thing in the mobile sector, especially given the invasion of Asian brands that often share projects, factories and more. We are therefore happy when we see some slightly different projects such as that of the Motorola Edge+

 But today the time has come to look deeper into the Edge+, the least demanding – given the positioning – but no less. Behind its rounded lines hides an excellent software work done by Motorola, capable of customizing without distorting and ensuring at the same time the two often contrasting things: maximum performance and reduced consumption, indeed, very low.

It could prove to be one of the unexpected surprises of this 2020, however it pays a somewhat delayed debut and the consequent aggression of the competition, already partially devalued and therefore tempting from an economic point of view. But beyond the budget there is more, let’s see what.

Motorola Edge Plus Design

To make it unique its very curved edges and the form factor in 21: 9 , two things that make it easily recognizable even among many. An added value nowadays, where the strong identity of a product or family of products is perceived by end users more than many other technical characteristics. However, it should be noted that the display is physically a 19.5: 9 but, precisely because of the curvature, it appears narrower with only 71.1 mm.

Ergonomics enjoy it; it holds very well in hand despite being a 6.7 inch and the weight remains all in all contained with its 188 grams. Compared to many other models with a similar diagonal it manages to be smaller, for example it boasts a few tenths of a millimeter less in height than the Galaxy S20 + and Find X2 Pro (165.2mm). Very thin bezels also above and below and very little physical space for the keys, relegated to the thin junction point between glass and body and certainly improved in stability.

Too bad for the choice of the polycarbonate of the back cover , although it is difficult to distinguish the difference (and I too had fallen for the first approach) between Edge and Edge +, only the latter relies on the glass for the back and this is one of the reasons why it weighs even more. Therefore less valuable materials and many prints that remain “glued” in this dark blue color. It would be interesting to understand the different response in the event of a fall, given that the results would be ruinous in both cases is a question that I hope will be answered.

Motorola Edge Plus Display

Very bright OLED display and sensor sometimes a bit lazy, as if it jammed and is not so prone to changes, I guess one of the next updates will be enough to fix it. The calibration is good but not exceptional : delta E of grains 5.1 and delta E of colors 3.55 (remember that the reference value is 3 at lower values ​​are positive), excellent coverage instead of 99.1% sRGB . Manual oleophobic treatment, in general it is a panel that satisfied me and keeps many reflections away (but not from the curved edges when “active”).

Thanks to the software it is then possible to decide whether to exploit the curved edges or not : you can choose application by application avoiding ending up on the sides where it is uncomfortable (in that case the pixels remain off and therefore black, as if it were a frame) or activate / disable for everyone. A not indifferent detail, the brand attention can be seen in these things. Of course, the Always On and the many Moto Display customizations are not missing.

Motorola Edge Plus Hardware Performance

Let’s go back once again to the hardware theme because Snapdragon 765 proves to be a more than credible solution , in fact, at the height of the much acclaimed Snapdragon 865 which, however, has made the prices skyrocket in many cases. There are objective differences between the two platforms and clear advantages for the more powerful and expensive one, but it is fair to reiterate that in everyday use these differences are not noticeable and with Edge I have the impression of having in my hands a top of the range.

I think of the speed of the interface, of the response to my swype to switch from one background app to another or the actions connected to the customizable side menu. In short, everything that normally takes place when using a smartphone, including apps and games as they all run without burrs and in the utmost detail (I remind you that we are on an FHD + panel). Unlocking via the fingerprint reader located under the display is also very quick , probably one of the fastest seen so far in circulation. Clear that to make everything more fluid there is the refresh rate at 90Hz, now inevitable and set from the first moment instead of the canonical 60Hz.

Motorola Edge Plus Battery

To surprise me, the battery life of 4,500mAh , one of the strong points of this smartphone that manages to bring me safely at the end of the day with over 30% of remaining charge and over 9 hours of average screen on at the end of the cycle. Incredibly low on standby consumption, Motorola has worked well in optimizing this new hardware platform and left only one detail in the open: 15W (slow) charging.

If on the one hand we have one of the best possible yields in the entire mobile landscape, and I refer mostly to the medium-high and high range with significant performance, on the other hand it collides with extremely slow charging times: to go from 0 to 50% takes about 40 minutes , but the worst is in the second part because it takes 2 hours and a half.

Direct competition boasts at least double speeds, it will necessarily be necessary to adapt in this respect and it is difficult to consider it too much given the excellent battery life.

Motorola Edge Plus Edge Technology

Motorola has worked well in the design of the two Edge, certainly daring to design an “Endless Edge” panel which, in addition to being beautiful, is also optimized against inadvertent touches. I have to admit, looking at the Edge one of the first things you think is this: but don’t you go crazy if you touch the edges? The answer is no , the lateral areas have been properly trained and therefore you don’t run into this dangerous trap.

The personalization of the Chicago house is the right middle ground that I would like to see more often: a semi stock with an area dedicated to all the accessory functions that here are called Moto Actions, Display and Gametime. Many gestures have not changed, so “hammer” movement to turn the flashlight on or off, rapid wrist rotation to activate the camera and much more.

Motorola Edge Plus Oled Panels

The lights on the edges are also useful, let’s say that the OLED panels have greatly expanded the idea of ​​the notification LED and then everyone interprets it as they see fit. The “attentive screen” is also very precise , a function that leaves the panel on if we are looking at it and it works perfectly. I could continue with the list but I want to close the chapter by mentioning the “touch on the edges” , or virtual bar that can be customized in countless ways, in position, swype and opacity. I find it very convenient for some actions such as the double tap that projects me in a moment in the last app put in the background, the swype up and down more uncomfortable.

Motorola Edge Plus Camera Review

One of the most obvious compromises compared to the twin Edge + is in the camera sector, especially in the choice of the main image sensor that goes from 108MP to 64MP for this model. No drama, the quality of the shots is still very high and the only real macroscopic difference I see in the videos ; only the top of the range is in fact able to record clips in 6K at 30fps.

The same speed so praised so far is not found within the application, certain steps are sometimes slow and some options a bit too hidden such as shooting at maximum resolution (i.e. at 64MP). It matters little, Motorola itself advises us to shoot at 12MP with f / 1.8 aperture and the yield does not actually change that much: excellent contrast, beautiful colors and lots of detail. The autofocus is fairly quick, it struggles a bit in low light conditions and even in night mode you have to stay quite still to get a good shot.


We must congratulate Motorola for having been able to raise the bar after a few years of “study from below”, immediately placing on the market a concrete terminal, fast and very interesting. It is certainly not perfect but it has no defects that cripple it and overshadow all the good things demonstrated; there is a refill that is too slow, but it is also true that the autonomy if it is not a record little we miss .


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