Microsoft surface Pro 6 review: Microsoft surface latest price in Pakistan

Microsoft surface Pro 6 review
Microsoft surface Pro 6 review

Microsoft surface Pro review: Microsoft surface latest price in Pakistan

Power users know that the Microsoft brand is not only about software, but also about fashionable digital technology. Bill Gates’ corporation has long ago loudly declared itself in the tablet market.

Each new device becomes a hit in the digital world. One of them, of course, is a relatively recent solution – Microsoft Surface Pro 6 , a short review of which read on.

Appearance, design, dimensions

The exterior of the tablet is almost identical to the 5th generation models, only the black color has appeared, and, moreover, starting with a configuration that includes a solid state device with 256 GB. The most budget models come in platinum only. Also, the light body can be purchased with other filling. The design of the tablet is original, stylish and minimalistic. In some reviews, there is some disappointment with the framework remaining not too narrow. But this is a matter of taste.

 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 review, photos and videos

On the back of the tablet there is a stand-leg that allows you to adjust the angle of the display in relation to the table. The technical characteristics of the insides of Microsoft Surface Pro 6 are such that the transformer turned out to be quite weighty – 770-780 grams. Dimensions: 292x201x8.5 mm. Among the weight and size characteristics, the thickness is most impressive: it is expensive to shove laptop hardware into such a format.

Battery and charging

The battery is powered via Surface Connect, which has an indicator light. The adapter has an additional socket that allows you to charge your smartphone in parallel.

The introduction of a new processor into the device did not cause a decrease in autonomy. In contrast, the Pro 6’s battery lasts an hour longer compared to the 5th generation. In addition, the tablet has become even less warm under intense loads. The case temperature rarely rises above 30 degrees. Taking into account the coolerless or hybrid cooling (depending on the processor), the engineering solution is undoubtedly commendable.

The officially declared autonomy is 13.5 hours. This indicator was obtained with a minimum iron load. If the tablet is in business all the time – games, video calls, surfing the Internet, etc., the battery will last for 5-6 hours. With an average workload – for 8 hours. Charging time is about 3 hours.

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Primary optics with autofocus. It is not intended for creating photo masterpieces, but it is easy to take a high-quality photo of a document in daylight. Compared to the optics of devices of a similar format, the rear camera looks decent.

The front camera of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet makes an even better impression. With its help, it is pleasant to use video communication. It is equipped with an IR sensor for facial identification. The procedure takes about 2 seconds – a great result for a transformer. However, recognition intelligence is limited: if the user is wearing glasses, Windows Hello is unlikely to recognize him. But this function is not affected by the orientation of the tablet.

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With everyday tasks like surfing the web, watching movies, working in office programs, etc. the tablet copes with a bang. There is enough operative to simultaneously open 20 tabs in Chrome. You can spend time playing games that do not require a lot of resources. Heavy programs for photo and video processing can slow down.

You can assess the performance of a device only with an eye to size. It makes no sense to compare it with a gaming laptop or a powerful desktop PC , but the tablet looks good against the background of “colleagues in the shop”. Thanks to the new processor, performance has increased by 60-70%.

Let’s note a couple of patterns:

the tablet works significantly faster when connected to the mains;

the 128GB models are equipped with not only the smallest but also the slowest drives.


Without mentioning the gorgeous touchscreen, a good review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 tablet is unthinkable. The manufacturer has done its best. Contrast, brightness, viewing angles – everything is at the level of the display. You can safely use the device not only at home, but also on the street. The developers pleased with the IPS LCD matrix, the resolution of which is 2736×1824 pixels. 

Support for up to 10 simultaneous touches has been implemented. There are 2 color profiles: sRGB and contrast. In everyday use, you can use the latter, and the sRGB version is suitable for working with graphics, since it displays colors as accurately as possible. 

Display Features:

  • Flicker with a frequency of 20 kHz is not visible to the eye. The device is suitable for many hours of continuous operation.
  • The display’s response speed is average. You can’t call it a gaming one, otherwise you can’t find fault with the screen. 

Appearance of standard screens and menus 

An important advantage of the tablet is the classic Windows 10. Standard screens and menu settings are straightforward. The system is easy and convenient to use. The transformer folds / unfolds. The device can be placed on any flat surface in 3 positions:

1. Tablet PC
Without keyboard with closed stand.

2. The laptop The
keyboard is connected. The tilt angle of the screen is about 45 degrees.

3. Studio room
Without keyboard. The tilt angle is 10 degrees.

Studio mode is good for using a stylus. The surf handle supports 4000 pressure levels. It is convenient for her to make sketches, notes on documents. You can work with photos, draw diagrams, use an eraser, fill. Several useful applications have been written for the stylus in Windows 10.

It is interesting that the prices for transformer tablets with the i5 chip, but with different disks, are approximately at the same level. This situation has developed by 2021. Demand for the flagship model is weak as it costs twice as much as the minimum configuration. 


Tablets are quickly disassembled due to the price drop caused by similar 7th generation devices. The desire to become the owner of a tablet of an eminent brand comes to the fore. In addition, not all buyers have the opportunity to pay for products that have just appeared in stores, and they ask for a high price for them. The sixth surfboards, especially the younger models, boast a good price / functionality ratio.


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