LG V60 ThinQ 5G updated Price in Pakistan: PTA tax on imported LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 ThinQ 5G updated Price in Pakistan

LG V60 ThinQ 5G updated Price in Pakistan: PTA tax on imported LG V60 ThinQ 5G

1.       LG V60 ThinQ 5G price in Pakistan is PKR 175,000

2.       LG V60 ThinQ 5G Price in USD is $1,048

3.       PTA Tax on LG V60 in Pakistan is 41,000

LG has presented several top-of-the-range smartphones in recent years and the users of the V family have mainly attracted the most attention. The previous V40 ThinQ and V50 ThinQ , for example, offer several interesting solutions – the Quad DAC Hi- Fi, for example – but failed to fully convince the audience.

LG V60 seems to follow the conservative philosophies carried forward by its predecessors, but still has some peculiarities that distinguish it from the competition. 

 S20 Ultra 5G had impressed us with its exaggerated size, but the V60 manages to do better (or worse) because it is even bigger than the smartphone produced by Samsung. Many are clamoring for a return to the past with more compact and human dimensions, but this LG is not satisfied because it is 77.6 mm wide and 169.3 mm long .

Despite being larger than the S20 Ultra, the display is smaller because the company has decided to implement a totally flat glass with no curved edges. I particularly liked this choice because Edge screens can sometimes create problems in use, even with the best involuntary touch detection systems. A flat screen is instead a safe choice that makes the user experience free of nasty surprises.

V60 is built in the name of sobriety , with safe and reliable aesthetic and constructive solutions, without too strange or extravagant lines. The back is in fact quite clean with the only distinctive horizontal element that encloses the cameras and reminiscent of the design proposed last year by S10 Plus . The rear body is made of glass and allows the passage of current for wireless charging.

For my personal taste I find the V60 far too “flat” and with little character , as if it went unnoticed. For some, however, this could be a strong point because maybe they are looking for a simple smartphone that may not be too eye-catching. Absurdly we could consider the simplicity of the new LG smartphone as a risky feature as it has now become the norm to make devices with shells with bright and super flashy colors.

LG V60  Display

The conservative philosophy can also be seen in the display, because here too LG chooses not to follow fashions and does not rely on screens with high refresh rates, but on a more classic 6.8-inch Full HD PLUS OLED panel with refresh rate of 60 Hz . On paper it is not surprising, but the maximum brightness is very high with a comfortable vision even in direct sunlight, the colors are well balanced and there is also support for HDR .

Nothing exceptional, scrolling the technical sheet, but its “normality” could be the result of the decision to offer a smartphone that is able to offer an excellent experience in viewing content without however going to affect too much consumption.

LG V60 Hardware Performance

On the hardware component front, LG has never failed us and in its top of the range smartphones it has always focused on the most powerful features available. In the V60 this trend does not stop because under the body there is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform with support for 5G networks .

We have a single variant with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory . There is therefore a basic cut able to offer a lot of storage space even without necessarily having to rely on an external microSD 

LG V60 camera

When it comes to photo quality LG has never disappointed and with this V60 it is really difficult to ask for more or find some defect . On the back with such a large module we could think of having many sensors available, the only ones that are actually usable are the others while the others have the function of supporting some operations.

The main camera is 64 MP, the second is a 13 MP wide angle . There is no tele, but there is a TOF sensor for detecting depth of field. The photos are really excellent and in any condition you can always get clean and balanced shots in the exposures, without forgetting the excellent color management.

LG V60 dual screen review

The real strength of this smartphone lies in the Dual Screen which expands the usage scenarios and makes this solution the only alternative to folding devices. In practice, the dual screen is nothing more than a case that attaches to the main module via the USB Type C port on the bottom. Outside of the dual screen functionality, it is nothing but a rather bulky case but which at least provides high smartphone protection.

I found this accessory very comfortable in two scenarios:

Multitasking : as in the PC world, having two screens allows you to launch two applications simultaneously and enjoy the full screen experience. I often found myself watching a video on one display and writing notes on the other.

Gaming: you have probably already had the opportunity to see this function on other LG smartphones, but for me it was the first time with such an accessory and I was pleasantly impressed during my gaming sessions. With the titles that support use by joystick it is possible to transform the second screen into a controller to manage our games without going to cover the game view.

The second screen uses the exact same panel as the actual smartphone (even with the same cutout for the notch although there is no other camera). Having to power two displays the autonomy of the smartphone decreases, but thanks to the generous battery you can end the stress days with still a 20/30% of remaining charge. In addition, LG has thought of a particular solution to recharge it: through a Type C adapter you connect to the case with a proprietary magnetic port and with this we will be able to power the smartphone and transfer data when we connect it to the PC.


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