Jazz Digit 4 is the world’s cheapest 4g smartphone

Jazz Digit 4g price in Pakistan is 18,00. It comes with Kai Operating System. you can enjoy unlimited sms, voice calls, and 1GB data with it at 300 rupees.

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Jazz Digit 4 is the world’s cheapest 4g smartphone

Popular mobile network Operator Jazz has announced its most in budget smartphone in Pakistan

Jazz Digit 4g is the world’s cheapest smartphone. This claim was made by Pakistan top rated mobile operator in an inauguration ceremony. According to the company, there has been a visible decline in prices of voice tariff and data tariff in the country, but still 4g mobile prices are the main reason that people cannot approach to fastest internet. Viewing this problem, Jazz has announced its cheapest smartphone that will allow 4g operations as well.

To manufacture this device, jazz has a copartner ship with Kai IOS Company. This project came into operation few months back when both companies planned to enjoy the skill of leading technology companies.

This phone comes at 1800 Pakistani rupees. To get this device, customer will oblige t use jazz services for minimum one year on 300 rupee monthly subscription. In this monthly jazz digit 4g subscription, you will be getting following advantages:

  • One thousand mobile minutes
  • One thousand mobile internet data
  • Free sms
  • Free calls to doctors
  • Free whatsapp and Facebook for three months

Furthermore, this product comes with additional benefits too:

  • Free jazz 4g super sim
  • Free access to kai store for all social media apps and other popular 200 free google applications

Kai OS is considered top level mobile operating system after Google Android and Apple iOs.

Jazz Digit 4g specifications

  • Main camera
  • Front camera
  • Wifi support
  • Hotspot support
  • Bluetooth

According to Jazz the purpose of launching this phone is to support those people in Pakistan who cannot buy expensive phones to use 4g technology. Jazz Digit 4g will provide an opportunity for such customers at very low data and voice plans.

On this occasion, Chairperson for Benazir Income support program, Dr. Sania Nishter explained that it will help rural ladies especially who cannot afford costly mobile phones.



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