Huawei p40 pro price in pakistan- p40 pro release date &specs

Huawei p40 pro price in Pakistan will be 15,0000 approximately. Check Huawei P40 Pro release date in pakistan, Huawei P40 Pro Features, Huawei P40 Pro Specifications.

huawei p40 pro release date- phonebchdou

Huawei p40 pro price in pakistan- p40 pro release date &specs

Huawei discloses its new flagship phone launching ceremony

Huawei p40 pro retail price in Pakistan: 150,000 pkr


Huawei p40 pro is the latest flagship phone by chinese leading smartphone company. In spite of heavy and strict restriction by us government, huawei has set highest records in selling smartphones around the world. Although its latest smartphones like mate 30 and mate 30 pro are not equipped with the google services.

But yet it is successful impeached the US monopoly against it. On the other hand, huawei has also built its own operating system that will be used on smartphones soon.

Huawei is set to launch Huawei Harmony Os

According to the ceo of Huawei research center, “if we took step forward once, we shall not be moving back. Once we start using our own harmony operating system on mobile phones, we shall work on it to improve its services. And we are determined to make it user friendly throughout the world. Furthermore, it will set a huge damage to us-based companies also.”

New European Suppliers assisting in hardware requirement

On the other hand, a japanese technology based firm has opened huawei latest flagship model Huawei mate 30 pro to check the hardware. It was a big surprise that huawei was importing small mobile hardware parts from other European countries. Earlier, it was importing such equipment from United States. It shows that Huawei is not depending on American companies rather it has found its new allies in this passive trade war.

P40 will be released in Paris in March 2020

The launching ceremony of huawei p40 pro was leaked by a French media. In an interview with the reporter, the ceo of huawei consumer group revealed that the upcoming phone will be presented in paris during an upcoming event. Furthermore, he added that it will be having android 10 version, but it wouldn’t support google services like huawei mate 30 series.

“Moreover, huawei p40 pro will be released in Barcelona in February 2020”

It is being expected that huawei p40 pro will be relaesd in April in 2020

Why huawei is using os android 10 in p40 pro?

Android os 10 is a free to use software. In this software there is no need to ask for any license or permit. On the other hand, to use google core services like google playstore, maps, and search engine, you need us govt license. All these licenses have been halted since the trade war between America and china.


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