Huawei launches world’s first 5g processor-kirin 990

kirin 990 provides unmatched speed and real time power to enhance mobile browsing and computing speed.

Huawei launches world first 5g processor-kirin 990 - phone bech dou

Huawei launches world’s first 5g processor-kirin 990

World’s 1st Flagship 5G SoC powered processor offering 7nm cutting edge technology

Kirin 990 has come to world’s spectrum finally. After so much wait, Huawei has revealed its latest kirin processor at IFA. Kirin 990 is being considered a revolution in mobile phone industry. It is built on 7nm plus Balong cutting edge technology which delivers flashing speed in any mobile operation. Kirin 990 is equipped with over 10 billion transistors. These transistors are the real speed of this processor. Being the world’s first 7nm 5g processor, it will recommence mobile using experience.

Kirin 990-all in one solution

When 5g was being introduced in various countries, it was being considered that 5g mobiles are only manufactured for 5g opera table networks. But kirin 990 5g has changed the direction of opinions by giving a multipurpose chip that smoothly works on any band. No matter in which are you are, or which band is running in your surroundings, kirin 990 adopts the best available band. So, all the phones carrying this processor will be able to offer two main purposes:

  • Computing speed
  • Ultra-fast internet (fully customized)

What is the 5g downloading speed of kirin 990?

Kirin 990 offers 2.3 Gbps downloading speed.

What is the uploading speed of kirin 9905g?

Kirin 990 5g has 1.2 gbps uploading speed.

Cpu specifications of kirin 990:

  • Balong modem 2/3/4/5g
  • Lp ddr 4x
  • Hifi audio

GPU specs of kirin 990

  • Isp 5.0
  • 4k hdr video
  • Ufs 3.0
  • Mali-G76 MC16 Architecture
  • 46% GPU Efficiency Improvement
  • 30% GPU Performance Improvement

Where Samsung, apple, and other mobile manufacturing companies are struggling, Huawei seems to take an advantage of its hi-end research mechanism. Huawei ceo claims that his companies is ahead from any company or at least 5 months in research and development. And we have seen this too. In spite of US sanctions on Huawei, Chinese leading companies has sold maximum mobile units in few months only. It broke its own records even.


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