How to speed up my phone without rooting?

How to speed up my phone without rooting?

How to speed up my phone without rooting? (Latest Guide 2020)

why is my phone so slow iphone?


  • Make your phone faster: Android and iOS
    • Restart
    • Free up space
    • Delete apps
    • Software update
    • Turn off voice assistants
    • Cache: Clear history and cache
    • Clear app cache
  • Android phone too slow? These tricks help
    • Clear the buffer
    • Remove widgets and live wallpapers
    • Trick 17: speed up animation
    • Install cleaner apps
    • Reset to factory settings
  • Make iPhone faster
    • Disable background updates
    • Disable Spotlight Search
    • Disable automatic app updates

Regardless of whether it is an Android phone or an iPhone: Use it for a while and your smartphone will not work as quickly or smoothly as after purchase. Apps or the browser open slowly, commands are delayed. Small hacks can help here. We show you which tricks you can use to make your cell phone faster.

Like all objects of use, smartphones have a period of wear. The first signs of wear appear after months of operation. The cell phone slows down, does not carry out all commands as usual or sometimes even hangs up. This applies to both Android and Apple smartphones. In this case, only a speed boost helps to speed up the phone again. We will show you a few steps that will make your cell phone faster. But be careful: Which remedy works depends in part on whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. Therefore, you will find general acceleration tips here before we show you ways to boost your Android phone or iPhone.

Make your phone faster: Android and iOS


The good trick 17 works even if your cell phone runs slowly: the restart. Switching your smartphone on and off regularly works, because with every reset Android or iOS sort themselves and clean up the working memory, delete temporary files and stop background processes. Sometimes that’s enough to speed up the smartphone. So just hold down the home or power button on your iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and Co. and restart the device.

Free up space

If your cell phone is slow, it may also be due to the overfilled memory that slows down the performance of the device. Therefore, you should always make sure to keep your smartphone clean and regularly remove unnecessary files. Photos, videos or music albums can easily be backed up to external storage media such as a PC and can be retrieved if necessary. So just have the courage to do large-scale cleanups. You can find out what uses the most memory in the settings. On the iPhone you type in Settings > General > iPhone – memory . In the case of an Android device, the commands vary a bit, but you can usually find the function directly under Settings >Memory .

Delete apps

If you have gone in search of the biggest memory eater, you will generally not be able to avoid apps. Because it is often the applications that cause storage jams on the vast majority of smartphones and thus slow down your cell phone. Therefore, it is always good to uninstall unused apps.

For Android devices, go to Settings > Apps . iPhone users can find the apps under Settings > General > iPhone – Storage. Here you can decide whether you want to uninstall certain apps or just outsource them . Outsourcing means that the application is deleted, but the associated data and documents are retained. This means that you can install the app at any time without effort.

Software update

Make sure that both the operating system and the apps are always up to date. With every update, developers strive not only to fix security gaps, but also to implement improvements that increase performance. Therefore, current software is a good start if you want to make your cell phone faster.

Turn off voice assistants

Siri, Bixby or the Google Assistant are useful helpers in everyday life. If you use them. Because, according to a recently published study, only every sixth German smartphone user uses voice assistants. All others can deactivate Siri, Bixby and Co. and thus speed up the cell phone. After all, the smart helpers take up a lot of computing capacity and slow down your cell phone. In our post Switch off Siri , we show you how iPhone owners should proceed Samsung users can, however, fall back on our article Deactivate Bixby , while the owners of Huawei and other Android devices will find it under Deactivate Google .

Cache: Clear history and cache

Android and iOS store data in the clipboard that the cell phone often uses. If you delete this data, your mobile phone can miss a speed boost. Since the process is very different for Android and iOS, you can find the instructions in the respective section Make your phone faster: Make Android and iPhone faster.

The history is the cache of the browser , which makes the use of Chrome or Safari so convenient. In this way, the browser backs up data from websites that have already been visited so that they can be quickly accessed when called up again. If you can do without this memory function, it is best to delete the history to make room and make the browser faster. With Chrome you will find the function in the three-line menu at the top of the display. Click the menu> History > Clear browsing data . In the case of Safari, proceed as follows: Settings Safari > History > Clear website data .

Clear app cache

Apps also save data in the clipboard. These can also be cleaned up easily. On Android or EMUi you will find the function under Settings > App > Apps . Individual apps can be selected here. If you have selected one, you can go to Clear cache via memory . For Samsung devices, you will find the function under Settings > Device > Apps.

Users of the iPhone 8 and older Apple devices press the power button on the side until it appears to switch off . Instead of switching off, you use the home button. After a few seconds the start screen appears as usual and the cache is cleared. Users of newer iPhone models must activate the function in advance. Here’s how:

  1. Click on Settings > General > Accessibility > and operate the slide control at AssistiveTouch .
  2. Hold the power button down until it switches off
  3. Tap the help button on the touch screen and hold the position until the start screen can be seen again. Now it is done.

Android phone too slow? These tricks help

Clear the buffer

The wiping cache partition is known on Android devices to clear the cache – a feature that cleans up the cache without, however, deleting the private data. How you activate the function differs depending on the smartphone, although the principle is similar. We use the example of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro to show you how to delete the clipboard:

  1. Turn your device off and on again.
  2. Hold the power button and the volume up button until the Huawei logo disappears and the display is completely black.
  3. Now Huawei shows you the boot menu. Use the volume keys to select Wipe Cache Partition
  4. Confirm your selection using the power button. After a few seconds, Huawei has carried out the process and then shows you the boot menu again.
  5. Tap Reboot system now again and confirm via the power button.

Remove widgets and live wallpapers

Wallpapers and widgets are useful and enhance the user experience, but they also slow down cell phone performance. The more apps, widgets and Co. decorate the home screen, the more your phone has to work. It is therefore advisable to keep the number of services as low as possible. If you want to make your cell phone faster, you should remove everything that is not used frequently.

Trick 17: speed up animation

Accelerating animations is a kind of useful self-deception. All Android devices have an animated user interface that makes the transition from browser or apps to the home screen look smooth. This animation can be done faster, so that the performance of your smartphone also appears fast. To do this, you must first unlock the developer options. With newer Huawei models you can find the function under Settings > System > Developer options. With other Android devices, the feature is usually a little hidden.

  1. Go to Settings > Phone Info > Software Info.
  2. Now your device shows you the build number, among other things. Tap the image number field several times until the following message appears:

Developer options enabled – you are now a developer.

Install cleaner apps

Another secret weapon in the speed arsenal is the cleaner app. Such applications free your smartphone from unnecessary files and can thus help to make your cell phone faster. In the Google Play Stores you will find numerous free cleaner apps. The most popular are Advanced Phone Cleaner , CCleaner or the Clean Master .

Reset to factory settings

If none of the suggested tips help, then you still have the option to reset your Android smartphone to factory settings. This will delete all applications and settings that slow down your smartphone and reduce performance. You can find the function under Settings > System > Reset > Reset all settings . However, this method should only be used if all else fails. Because afterwards it means – set up your cell phone again.

Make iPhone faster

In addition to the general tricks like restarting or freeing up space, there are a few specific ways for Apple users to make the iPhone faster. We have prepared the most common ones for you.

Disable background updates

iPhone apps always work in the background so that you are up to date every time you open them. Be it Google Maps, the weather app or WhatsApp – all applications constantly load new data on your smartphone. While these updates are pleasant, they can also slow down your devices. Therefore, it can help to deactivate the background updates. To do this, go to Settings > General > Background Update. Then you operate the slide control next to the individual apps.

Disable Spotlight Search

iPhone’s Spotlight Search is a useful tool that searches your smartphone for the content you want. However, if you rarely use Spotlight to search for files, apps, etc., it is recommended to deactivate the function to speed up the iPhone. The function is located under Settings > General > Spotlight search. If you click on it, a list opens with all areas that can be searched. Remove all checkmarks here and the search feature is switched off.

Disable automatic app updates

The iPhone has an automatic app update function, which ensures that all applications are always up to date and you do not have to pay attention to manually download the latest version. The function is convenient and user-friendly, but costs energy and performance. So, if your iPhone is already slow anyway, you might consider disabling the app updates. Go to Settings > iTunes & AppStore > Automatic Downloads and press the slide control next to updates.


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