How to register phone with PTA in Pakistan?

Read our step by step guide to register phone with PTA using DIRBS system. This phone registration guide is only for those who are travelling to Pakistan.

How to register phone with pta - Phone Bech Dou

How to register phone with PTA in Pakistan

Complete process to register phone using DIRBS system

How to verify phone status in Pakistan?

If you don’t know whether your device is PTA verified or not; following process will assist you in finding current status of your phone:

Verify mobile through SMS

  1. Go to messages
  2. Select new message
  3. Write phone IMEI
  4. Send to 8484

It will display the active status of your mobile phone

What if I dot know my phone IMEI no?

In case, if you do not know the IMEI no of your phone, you can check it by dialing *#06#

What is DIRBS system?

DIRBS stands for Device identification Registration and Blocking System. It is specifically built to create a safe and healthy mobile environment in the current. It will maintain the legal use of imported smartphones. It is not only built to support buyer but will also drive country’s economy by discouraging illegal mobile imports.

Step by step guide to register phone on DIRBS

(Only for international travelers)

! Remember, this method will work in Pakistan only. So, if anyone wats to register mobile living in any other country, it wouldn’t be possible. You will have to ensure your physical availability in the country.

  1. First of all, visit PTA website
  2. Click online mobile registration
  3. A new window will appear with login form, you will click signup button first
  4. It will display you a list of important instructions, read them carefully before you proceed
  5. You will be given two options in the form
  • Purpose
  • User type

6- Purpose- You will select “personal/individual for pc tablet”

7- And in user type, select local international/dual nationality

8- Remember! Foreigners category is for those only who do not have Pakistani nationality. In simple words it is for only foreigners coming to Pakistan for any purpose.

9- Complete the remaining form by giving your details- don’t forget to cross check your ID or passport no as it should be matched as it will be already in concern authority data base.

10- Generate your password that should carry following specs

  • A capital letter
  • A numeric character
  • A special mark

11- After submitting the form, you will receive a mail from PTA

12- open that mail and click the given link

13- a new Login Form will appear; you need to provide Login details to proceed

14- once you are logged in, a declaration form will appear, read it carefully and click “Register my mobile”

15- select your user type

16- write your contact no

17- select sim slot type and write IMEI no of mobile and press submit

After completing this process, PTA will confirm you through an Email whether your phone has been registered or not.


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