How to register IMEI number in PTA for phone registration?

register imei number in pta, beginners guide for phone registration online

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How to register IMEI number in PTA for phone registration?

register imei number in pta; Beginner’s guide for pta mobile registration online


To unblock mobile phones, follow these DIRBS guidelines for pta device registration

Register imei number in pta is very important step. In order to normal functioning of smartphone, one need to perform pta mobile registration check. particularly, if device is not compliant with PTA, it will be blocked soon. To avoid any problem, must read pta mobile registration online guide. This guide will educate about dirbs pta registration online. PTA device registration system also allows overseas Pakistanis to register their phones. Therefore, international travelers need to register phones within 60 days on arrival in Pakistan.

“however internal travelers who are not using local SIMs are not required to go through pta device registration process.”

Why you need to choose register IMEI number in PTA?

  • hence, your mobile phone has been blocked
  • Have imported a phone but not registered in pta dirbs system
  • Received a non-compliant message from pta
  • You have checked your imei number and it it shows not verified from PTA

How to verify imei number of mobile phone?

To verify imei number of a mobile phone there are three methods:

  1. check imei number of phone by dialing  *#06#
  2. You can confirm it on the printed box
  3. Phone info in system setting also contain imei number

How to check phone pta status?

You can check the status of your phone. There are two methods:

  1. to begin with, you can send your imei number to 8484 to register imei number in pta
  2. Use DIRBS app to verify the status of mobile registration

After sending message to 8484, you can receive following messages:

What documents you need to register imei number in pta?

usually, following documents are must for pta device registration:

  1. Mobile imei number
  2. Owner contact number
  3. CNIC Number
  4. Passport Number


subsequently, follow these steps to register imei number in PTA:

  1. Signup with PTA

To sign up you need to provide following details:


  • Commercial
  • Personal/Individual


  • Pakistani
  • Foreigner

2- Provide personal details mentioned in the form

3- Create password and proceed

4- PTA will send you a login verification email, verify it and login

5- Once you login, you will see following declaration image:

6- After proceeding, check the following details for pta phone registration

7- Choose the purpose of pta device registration

8- Provide contact info/number

9- Select phone sim status single or dual. Also write both imeis

10- Finally, after proceeding, you will see system will generate coc. This will contain psid details. Afterward, with psid details, deposit mobile phone tax in any leading bank or via ATM.


Lastly, after confirmation of mobile phone registration tax payment, pta will send mobile phone compliant message. In short, you will get this message on both email address and contact number.


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