How to pay PTA mobile registration tax to FBR-PTA mobile registration online

It is a detailed guide to pay pta mobile registration tax to fbr. If you want to register your phone, read it to the end.

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How to pay PTA mobile registration tax to FBR-PTA mobile registration online

Public guide to pay mobile tax in Pakistan

Generally, common public in Pakistan find pta mobile registration tax procedure quite difficult. Likewise, one of the most prominent reasons is the access of internet in rural areas. Similarly, in urban areas, people do not know the quickest and simple way to pay pta mobile tax. Since pta has made mobile registration easy by allowing mobile franchises to register unregistered mobile phones.

Therefore, in this guide, you will know; how to pay mobile registration tax to FBR. One need to follow some simple step. So, once done with it, you will be able to register pta blocked phone.

How to pay tax for pta mobile registration online?

This guide is for those people who want to get registered their devices after paying tax

  1. first of all, go to PTA website
  2. once you access PTA main page, on right corner, click online mobile registration
  3. You will see a login page, click on sign up, and make your account first. Without signing up you cannot access to login
  4. In signup form, you will be given two options


Purpose: select “personal”

User type: select “Pakistani”

5- After selecting the category, fill the complete form. Do not forget to write your cnic/passport number. Similarly, dual check IMEI number of your phone. Because, your phone will be registered against the IMEI number you provide there.

6- At the end you will give your password. It will be used later to login on PTA website

7- submit the form, you will receive an Email at your given email address

8- Open it, and click on the given link

9- It will redirect you to the PTA login page again, write your credential

10- After login, you will read the declaration page carefully

11- In user type, select second option “mobile registration to pay duty tax”

12- Write your contact number

13- Write your device IEMI number

14- Check with the SIM type single or dual

15-after writing all the details, submit the form

16- You will see a new window which will show COC details

17- It will display the payable tax against your device; you will be notified through sms and email address

18- In SMS/Email, you will receive a PSID code of 17 digits

Where to pay tax for pta mobile registration online?

You can pay duty tax by giving PSID code, to ATM, or any bank

How to know whether my device is get registered or not?

You will receive a confirmation message once you pay payable tax. You can also check your phone status, by logging in PTA website.

What to do if my device is not registered in PTA DIRBS sytem after paying tax?

If you do not receive a confirmation message, or your device status shows unregistered after paying tax, you can contact on following link


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