How to pair apple watch with iPhone (step by step apple watch guide 2020)

How to pair apple watch with iPhone
How to pair apple watch with iPhone

How to pair apple watch with iPhone (step by step apple watch guide 2020)


  • Pair Apple Watch with iPhone
  • Configure Apple Watch
  • Configure Apple Watch without an iPhone

In order to enjoy all the functions of your new Apple Watch, you must first set up the watch. To do this, the smart Apple watch must be connected to an iPhone. We’ll show you how to connect the Apple Watch to an iPhone and make all the important settings.

You should note that the Apple Watch is not compatible with every iPhone:

  • For devices with watchOS 7 (Apple Watch Series 3 and higher) and Apple Watch SE you need an iOS device from iPhone 6s and at least iOS 14.
  • If the Apple Watch is still running watchOS 6, you need at least an iPhone 6s and iOS 13.
  • Apple Watches with the older watchOS 5 run from the iPhone 5s and iOS 12.

Pair Apple Watch with iPhone

The Apple Watch app must be installed on the iPhone for setup . To pair the watch with the mobile phone, proceed as follows:

  1. If the watch is not yet on, press and hold the Digital Crown on the edge of the case.
  2. If necessary, activate Bluetooth and WLAN on your iPhone.
  3. Start the Apple Watch app on the iOS device.
  4. Here you will find the option Start pairing .
  5. Point the watch towards the iPhone camera to pair. Alternatively, you can choose to pair the Apple Watch manually if the watch is not recognized.
  6. Once paired, you will find the Configure Apple Watch option in the app .
  7. Here you read and accept the terms of use.
  8. Log in to the watch with your Apple ID.
  9. Determine which arm you wear the watch on. The functions are shown accordingly on the display.
  10. Activate location services for the watch, for example to receive location information while you run.
  11. Also indicate whether you want to use Siri over the clock.
  12. You also have the option to set up a passcode. The watch can only be unlocked by entering the security code.
  13. If you want to pay with the watch, add the data for Apple Pay .

If settings such as ” Where is ” or WLAN calls are already activated on the iPhone, the details for the Apple Watch are automatically adopted.

If you bought the Apple Watch used and the activation lock is displayed, the watch is still linked to an Apple ID. In this case, you need the code from the previous owner to unlock the watch.

Configure Apple Watch

The Apple Watch can be managed in the future in the My Watch area on the iPhone. In the general options, for example, you can change the wearing side of your Apple Watch under watch orientation, if you prefer to wear the watch on the right or left. In this area, you also have many other options for setting up the Apple Watch. For example, you can change the clock face here or manage the so-called complications, i.e. the mini apps for the clock. If you have configured the Apple Watch on the iPhone, the iOS device and the watch must be synchronized in order to transfer the information to the watch.

Configure Apple Watch without an iPhone

Of course, you don’t need an iPhone every time to make settings on your watch. Instead, press the digital crown and then go to the settings gear. You can also find all the important options for setting up the clock directly on the clock.


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