How to make money online for beginners? (Real ways to make money from home)

how to make money online for beginners

How to make money online for beginners? (Real ways to make money from home)

Anyone can make money with apps. At you will find out how it works and how easy it is to make money with apps (whether Android or iOS). If you just want to make money quickly and just have to use your cell phone, you should read this.

7 apps to earn money with the mobile phone in the test

It almost sounds too good to be true: earn real money with mobile apps? Some providers promise exactly this! Anyone who now hopes to get rich quickly simply by using an app will certainly be disappointed. But when it comes to a small additional financial income, which you can easily earn from your own smartphone in between , similar to flea market apps , some apps are well worth trying.

If you take a look at the app stores, you will find many apps that promise easy earning with your mobile phone. Unfortunately, there are also some black sheep around. We took a closer look at some of the apps for making money that leave a serious first impression and at least tend to have positive user reviews. These include both apps for making money for Android and iOS.

Google Survey App – Participate and earn Google Play Store credit

A popular way to earn some extra money through apps is to participate in paid surveys for market research purposes. The Google survey app is a suitable tool from the house of the Internet giant from Silicon Valley.

First of all, it should be said that the money earned by taking surveys is paid out exclusively as Google Play credit. If you can’t do anything with it, the Google survey app is of little interest from the start.

Anyone who decides to use the app will receive a weekly survey directly on their smartphone after registering and providing some personal information. The individual surveys revolve around various subject areas that are relevant for market research. For example, it can be about evaluating a new product logo or the next travel destination. There is up to 0.75 EUR per Google Play credit per completed survey. This can then be used, for example, to buy mobile games , films or e-books.

Slidejoy – Earn money on a lock screen

The concept of the Slidejoy app promises easy cash making. In fact, the effort is low to earn a few euros with the app.

After registration, the app shows you an advertisement in the form of a lock screen each time you unlock the phone. This is tailored to personal interests. The advertising lock screen is swiped directly to the right to unlock the phone or – to get additional information – to the left.

Regardless of whether you wipe away the advertising immediately or look at an offer in detail – there are so-called “Carats” for each advertisement as a reward. You can collect these and then exchange them for money or vouchers. The amount of money can be paid out as PayPal credit, for example, or donated to charities if desired .

Streetspotr – pay via micro jobs

The Streetspotr app is a provider of so-called micro jobs. This means small work orders that can be accepted via the app, carried out independently and receive a previously fixed remuneration.

Before you can start making money, you need to register. You can then check which tasks (so-called “spots”) can be completed in the vicinity of your home. Such tasks may include taking photos of a particular public place or checking the availability of a product in the supermarket. By submitting the requested information directly in the app, you have successfully completed a task.

There is a certain number of “street points” for each completed task, which vary depending on the effort of the task. Streetpoints can finally be converted into real money that can be paid directly to Streetspotr’s PayPal account.

appJobber – do small tasks and earn money

The appJobber app is also one of the micro job apps. As a result, small, easy-to-do tasks in your own city can also be accepted here using the app, making money with your mobile phone.

The currently available jobs are shown directly in the app together with an indication of the amount of earnings on a map of the area. So you can visit the appropriate place, for example, as part of a small city walk. Typically, the tasks are to take photos of certain products or to evaluate opening times.

Once you have completed an order and provided the necessary information in the app, you can also have the amount of money earned paid out directly to you via appJobber via your PayPal account.

Roamler – small jobs with nice extra income

The third in the group, the micro job apps presented here, is Roamler. The principle of making money with the app remains the same. You register, check which micro jobs are currently available in the surrounding area and set off with your smartphone to do the selected job.

Jobs often take place in supermarkets, where certain products or shelves need to be photographed. A micro-job task can also be, for example, photographing advertising posters at bus stops or taking a picture of the greatest graffiti in the city. The contractor will be paid when he has sent in the required images and answered any additional questions.

In addition to money, Roamler also has experience points for successfully completing tasks. The more experience points you have accumulated, the more exciting the tasks and the amount of your salary will be.

Gold donkey – make money from home

Unlike the micro job apps, you don’t even have to leave the sofa at home with the Goldesel app.

At Goldesel, you earn money from home by completing various freely selectable tasks. These are all to be completed directly on the smartphone. This includes, for example, watching video clips, writing reviews or participating in paid surveys on market research. You can also get credit if invited friends also do tasks via the app.

Various options are available for payment, such as Amazon vouchers, Google Play or iTunes credit, but also direct payment to your personal PayPal account.

Collekt – Earn money and vouchers by doing nothing

The Collekt app offers the prospect of earning money or vouchers simply by installing the app on your mobile phone.

How is that supposed to work? If the app is active in the background on the smartphone, it collects position data for market research purposes. The salary that you can earn with the app is therefore in return for the data that you make available on your smartphone. The point yield can be increased even further by taking part in surveys.

If the personal points account has grown to a certain size, the points can be converted into vouchers – for example from Amazon – or PayPal credits.

Can you really make money with apps?

The question is answered quickly: Yes, with certain apps you can actually make money quickly with your mobile phone. Nevertheless, the earning potential of such apps should be assessed realistically. This applies in particular to the relationship between the time invested or the effort and the amount of money generated thereby. With apps for earning money, you neither get rich, nor do you earn enough to earn a living.

Such apps can be seen as a nice part-time job to work out a small monthly extra pocket money or welcome vouchers. You should also be aware that some of the apps pay with personal data. Companies use them for market research purposes, but some of them are still used. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether you want this.

Since – taking a look at the app reviews – there are always delays in the payment of money or vouchers for many of the apps for making money, it is also advisable to be patient.


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