How to learn English fast online with a smartphone in 2019?

How to learn English fast online with a smartphone in 2019? Learn 3 practical ways to polish English listening and speaking skills using a mobile phone.


How to learn English fast online with a smartphone in 2019?

3 practical ways to learn English listening and speaking skills using a mobile phone

How to learn English fast online? Learning English especially in Pakistan is considered a quite complex task. Since, a major part of population of the country lives in remote areas where they do not have proper institution to learn modern languages. Subsequently, in main cities, you will rarely see an authentic channel to learn English easily. Although, there are number of English language learning platforms claiming “learn English in 3 days, in a week, and in a month”. So, you will see countless people around you like this. Moreover, these instructors get quite high services charges.

All these English language learning schools may assist you in passing some exam like TOEFL, IELTS but in real life you will be suffering. In this article, I will share with you some real-time practical ways to learn English on fast track. This guide is not only helpful for professionals but also for beginners. Since I believe that language is a skill that helps to communicate with each other so it is quite easy if we learn English in conversational style.

You might have noticed that a kid in school unable to speak English even after 16 years of education. On the other side, if we send that kid to an English community, he/she will be speaking and understanding English just within few months. The reason is the way and environment you are providing to that subject.

So, here I am going to share 3 practical ways to learn English using a smartphone:learn english on any smartphone in 2019 - phonebechdou

1-     Conversation documentaries- and drams

We hardly see an entertainment play or something related to it that helps you in improving English. But this method has worked a lot in the past. We have number of example where, language was taught by theater performances and television drama episodes. For instance you might have watch following one of the best top class classical Dram produced from Germany:

This is a class, where a teacher is teaching English to foreign students. You will find the most basic questions in it. This drama comes in multiple seasons that perfectly work for both beginner and professional to learn most basic aspects of English language. It will benefit you in following ways:

  • Improve English speaking skill
  • Enhances stamina and gives confidence
  • Enables you to overcome difficulties in listening and speaking with the people have multiple cultural backgrounds

2-     Learn English with British Council free of cost

This is a very useful online resource with an endless content. Here you will find a number of activities and helpful material. For instance:

 Here you will find a number of activities and helpful material. For instance:

  • Audio conversations
  • Video conversations on different topics
  • Funny activities
  • Role playing activities
  • Multiple topics to talk about
  • You can learn English Grammar
  • Day to day vocabulary
  • Different audio practices to develop listening skills

Subsequently, if you want to learn English under professional British council teacher, you can hire it here:

3-     Install useful apps to learn English

Since the world is moving towards digitization we are able to access more resources sitting right in home. No need to visit libraries and book shops. I will share with you some basic and very useful apps that will help you to polish your English skill.

This is very useful dictionary to learn new words and enhance vocabulary. If you want to find the meaning of some word, search on this app. It will give you very easy meaning with explanation. Moreover, it also provides sentence to give you a clear understanding. Subsequently, you can get various synonyms of that word without any effort.

Features of this app include:

This app will assist you in following paradigms:

  • Feedback is given for the wrong answers
  • Earn badges as you progress
  • 3 categories, spelling, word, grammar
  • Hard medium easy- 3 difficulty levels


Consistency is the key to success. In learning a new language you need to be consistent in practices and activities. Make a timetable and follow it strictly. As I have already mentioned that if you have no environment and no consistency; 16 years of education will not help you in learning English. But once you start following some patterns and routine, you will see a visible change in your English language skills.


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