How to earn money online with mobile phone in Pakistan? 2020 Guide

How to earn money online with mobile phone in Pakistan
How to earn money online with mobile phone in Pakistan

How to earn money online with mobile phone in Pakistan? 2020 Guide

Step by step guide to register as a bike captain in careem

Earning money online without any investment in Pakistan has been a dream. You may find a number of people out there claiming making money with a lot of easiest ways. But the question is whether these money-making methods really work?

In this article, I am going to tell you the easiest way to earn money online on your mobile phone. My this method provides you following benefits:

  1. No need to invest anything
  2. You can monitor your activity on mobile phone
  3. Working is very easy
  4. You will earn a handsome amount everyday

So here we go…

Careem is an online platform you that is facilitating commuting problems in Pakistan. Similarly, it is also providing huge opportunities to be the part of a successful system where there are huge opportunities to make real money.

Today, I will only explain that how can you earn online money in Pakistan on your mobile phone by registering your bike with any careem registration office.

What are the requirements to become careem bike captain?

You need to provide following documents to register with careem as a bike captain:

  1. Valid driving license (it can be a learning license too)
  2. Original CNIC
  3. Bike book
  4. Captain picture
  5. Mobile phone number

These are very easy three steps that will allow you make money with careem on your mobile phone. Submitting these details will enable you to complete registration process easily.

Now coming to the most important question

How much you can earn with careem as a bike captain?

Earning money with careem online as a bike captain in Pakistan depends on the working hours. More you work, better you earn. If you work 8 to 11 hours in a day, you can easily earn upto 60,000. Moreover, if you cannot work for more hours, you can fix your working hours too. So you can estimate an approximate earning.

In short, there are many online companies which lure people by offering real-time making money options online. But mostly, they are fake, and cheap ways to earn money from innocent people.

I have provided you a practical and the most authentic way to earn money online that doesn’t require any kind of investment. Furthermore, you will be earning cash on daily basis rather every hour.

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