How to earn money online with google AdSense in Pakistan?

How to earn money online with google AdSense in Pakistan explains the most basic techniques of making money online in 2019 via smartphone.

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How to earn money online with google AdSense in Pakistan?

Beginner’s guide to make money online with google adsense

Making money online without any investment looks quite appealing idea. Everyone wants to earn some money without doing much effort. Since we are living in 21st century and the world has shaped multiple ways of living. Along with I, new innovations are there, standard of living has changed. Subsequently mods of income are galvanizing also. Just a decade ago, the pursuit of office-based jobs was on peak. But now the trends are different, people priorities have been changed. They are looking ways to invest time to make money sitting at home.

The increasing demand of making money online

According to a number of surveys about people working choice, a lot of people has shown a great interest in making money online sitting at home. Simultaneously, it is not an impossible thing now. People are hiring services of each other across the globe. The limited boundaries have been changed into limitless. A number of websites are there which are helping people to maintain a platform where they can build a profile to earn money online right from their home.

Today, in this article, I will explain to you the beginners and very simple tips to make money with google adsense. I will also explain the answers of most basic questions.

What is google adsense?

Google adsense is a program controlled by Google that helps website owners to make money online. In simple words, a website owner and Google benefit each other.

  • You assist search engine in bringing huge traffic towards a particular niche
  • Google provides you reward of this effort by placing its ads on your website and clicks on these ads will help you in making some money.

Now, there are number of theories about how much money I can earn with google adsense program and how much I can get from a single click.

The answer is very simple. Keywords have the price. Engaging content will engage audience and they will intentionally or unintentionally click the ads. Particular money is transferred into your account.

What are the advantages of earning money online?

Earning money online provides following advantages:

  • Reduces expenses- there is a very little investment required
  • Greater reward of time investment
  • Reliable source of income
  • Online profile building
  • No time restrictions

Can I earn money with google adsense with a website?

You need to follow these simple and quick ways to make money with google adsense online in 2019

  • Buy a domain- it is better to name your domain according to your niche
  • Always select a domain you are expert in
  • Buy hosting- start from basic package
  • Install basic WordPress theme into it
  • Start writing content

How much I can earn with google adsense in 2019?

You can make money online with google adsense from few bucks to millions. Remember, this is trillion-dollar industry. It is your strategy, patience, and management that will build your profile. Keep uploading quality, plagiarism fee, informative content. It may take some time. But your time is the real investment. Within weeks you will start getting traffic.

What are the most paid google adsense keywords?

Following are the most paid adsense keywords in November 2019

  • Aids
  • Cancer
  • Mortgage
  • Law
  • Attorney
  • Loan
  • Software
  • Technology
  • Car insurance
  • Data recovery

How can I increase traffic on my website to get more ads and visitors?

Traffic is the king on any website. Whether you are sunning a services website or a website for online earning. Traffic plays a vital role in maintaining google ranking index. Google is a very smart search engine. It optimizes everything you are bringing to your website. Its crawlers and spiders roam every time to monitor your activities.

You can exercise following ways to bring more quality traffic to your website:

  • Write appealing and engaging content
  • Write constantly
  • Try not to over feed keywords. Some seo experts do these practices but it ultimately decreases your website ranking
  • Maintain a social media channel
  • Write about people. Your focus must be to share informative ideas to public. Once google monitors that your content is purely base on information sharing ideology, it will decrease its restriction on your site and allows it to get ranking easily.


Remember! Never try yellow or black seo techniques to attract more audience. Most of the seo firms ad irrelevant keywords only to distract google. But it will not be beneficial for the long end. The only way to get traffic is through quality plagiarism free content.


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