How to download whatsapp dark mode for Desktop in 2020?

whatsapp desktop dark mode is here. You can read about whatsapp dark mode ios 13, whatsapp dark mode android pie and much more here.

How to download whatsapp dark mode for Desktop in 2020

How to download whatsapp dark mode for Desktop in 2020?

Latest Guide to enable whatsapp dark mode mod on your personal computer


WhatsApp lags behind most other apps when it comes to dark mode, but now wants to bring the switch for eye-friendly dark mode to the desktop. We’ll tell you how you can use it on Windows right now. You can see what the WhatsApp Dark Mode will look like on the mobile phone in the video.

More and more tools and platforms now bring their own dark mode – even Windows 10 has one on board. It is all the more annoying when the dark and eye-friendly dark mode is missing in a tool. The most popular of all messengers has so far not included one.

WhatsApp Dark Mode can be tried out on the smartphone, at least in beta versions:

  • WhatsApp is getting dark: Android users get Dark Mode – so activate it
  • WhatsApp: Dark Mode for iPhones is here – so activate it

As the always well-informed WhatsApp blog WABetaInfo now wants to find out, WhatsApp is already working on a dark mode for the WhatsApp desktop version. Possibly the dark mode will soon be activated simultaneously on all devices.

If you don’t want to wait for the official start of WhatsApp Dark Mode for dark fashion, you can find a remedy relatively easily. A resourceful developer has published a small tool with which WhatsApp Desktop can already be displayed in a chic dark style. We’ll show you how to install and activate WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode.

WhatsApp desktop in dark mode: how it works

With WhatsApp Desktop Dark Mode you give your installation of the Messenger a dark theme. The mod can be easily installed by first opening WhatsApp Desktop and then running the installation file. The installation takes a few minutes, after which WhatsApp Desktop appears in attractive dark mode with blue and green accents.

Since the tool is a mod for the official WhatsApp desktop and not a third-party app, the developer does not gain any rights with regard to your messages and media. If you want to deactivate dark mode again, you only have to restart the installation file. Then the program is removed and the usual style is restored.


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