How to Connect smartphone to a smart tv?- Step by step Guide

How to connect mobile to tv wireless? Learn how to connect phone to smart tv without wifi, how to connect phone to tv using Bluetooth.

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How to connect phone to a smart tv? – Step by step Guide

7 Practical ways to connect iphone to Smart Tv in 2020

Option 1: Connect the smartphone and the TV with Chromecast

The second method is wireless and is implemented using Google’s Chromecast .

  • The small stick is simply inserted into a free HDMI slot and connected to power via USB or plug.
  • Then all you have to do is connect the stick to your WLAN. All devices that are in the same WLAN now have access to the stick.
  • For example, you can transfer all of your content from the PC screen to the stick.
  • Unfortunately, this does not work with Android. Nevertheless, you have the option of transferring numerous apps, for example YouTube, Napster or Maxdome, to the stick.
  • If you have a rooted Nexus 5, you can also use the Mirror app to stream your Android screen to the stick.
  • The Chromecast costs around 5831 pkr.

Option 2: Connect TV and smartphone via DLNA

The next DLNA method also works wirelessly.

  • Most televisions that have network support have already installed the DLNA standard.
  • However, you need an app so that you can transfer your Android smartphone to the TV.
  • The BubbleUPnP application takes over this service for you. Simply search for nearby devices to start the transfer.
  • With this method, you can wirelessly transfer all of the media files on your smartphone to the television.
  • Depending on the TV, the playback takes place with up to 1080p resolution.

Option 3: Connect the smartphone to the TV via Apple TV

The Apple TV method is primarily of interest to iOS users.

  • The Apple TV is simply connected to your TV. Then the small box has to be set up and is then ready for your transfer.
  • You can stream content from your iOS device to Apple TV via AirPlay.
  • Here, too, a picture quality of Full HD with up to 1080p can be realized, although this varies depending on the TV.
  • The delay time of the box is half a second, so that you can also play games on the Apple TV.
  • However, the Apple TV is quite expensive: you have to budget around 12,163 pkr for it.

4th possibility: Screen Mirroring

If you own an Android smartphone, you can use the Screen Mirroring function to connect to television.

  • In order for this to work, the Smart TV must have the Screen Mirroring or Smart View function.
  • You must first start the Screen Mirroring item on the Smart TV.
  • To be able to connect to the smartphone, you have to pull down the taskbar of the smartphone. If you don’t see the icon for screen mirroring, you have to expand the display again.
  • To expand the taskbar, tap the arrow in the top right corner. After that you should see the function. Tap the Screen Mirroring (or Smart View) button. The Smart TV will be searched for and should appear in the list under Available devices.
  • However, if you have an iPhone, the Screen Mirroring function does not help you much. To connect your iPhone to the Smart TV, this AirPlay 2 must be compatible.
  • To do this, both devices must be in the same network. If both devices are in the same WiFi network, start the screen synchronization on the iPhone.
  • All you have to do is select the AirPlay 2 compatible Smart TV. If an AirPlay code is then displayed, enter it on your iPhone. This connects the two devices.

5th possibility: Amazon Fire TV

You can also connect to the smartphone and share the screen with the Amazon Fire TV.

  • In order for your smartphone to connect to the Amazon Fire TV, it must be Miracast-compatible.
  • As a first preparation, you need to activate the “Duplicate screen” option in the “Sounds and screens” section of the Amazon Fire TV.
  • On your Android device, go to Settings and go to the Connections section. Here you will find the Screen Mirroring option.
  • If you call this up, your Amazon Fire TV will appear after a short setup time. To transfer the screen now, you need to select the Fire TV.
  • Unfortunately, iOS is not as easy as it is with Android. You need Airplay for this and you can only use this with an app.
  • To use Airplay, you need the AirReciver app. You have to buy it and it costs about 395 pkr
  • Once you have bought and downloaded the app, you must start it and activate the “Enable Airplay” option. You have made the Amazon Fire TV an AirPlay compatible device.
  • Before you can connect to iOS devices, you always have to start the app.

6th possibility: Miracast and Miracast adapter

If both devices are Miracast-capable, it is even easier. To do this, both devices must be in the same network.

  • If both devices are in the same WiFi network, connect both devices using the Connections menu. That’s it already
  • If you have an older TV or no Smart TV, you need a Miracast adapter. You have to integrate this into your existing network.
  • If both devices are in the same network, you must connect the two devices to each other again via connections.

7th possibility: Connect the smartphone to the television using the MHL cable

The first method requires a cable and is called MHL (Mobile High Definition Link).

  • The MHL cable is connected via the micro USB port on the smartphone to the HDMI port on the television.
  • The contents of the cell phone are transmitted in Full HD with up to 1080p resolution.
  • However, there are often delays or stutters when transferring from the smartphone.
  • With most MHL cables, you also need to connect your smartphone to the power so that playback works.

The price for an MHL cable is around 1000 pkr.


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