How to Connect iPhone 11 Airpods to Anroid in 2020?

How to Connect iPhone 11 Airpods to Anroid in 2020? Moreover, Control AirPods with gestures. How to use airpods?

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How to connect iPhone 11 Airpods to Android in 2020?

Best way to attach airpods to android mobile phone

You can also use Apple’s AirPods with Android smartphones. The headphones are compatible with almost all devices that support Bluetooth. We’ll show you how to connect and use AirPods with an Android smartphone.

Connect AirPods to Android and listen to music

  1. Open the “Settings” on your Android smartphone.
  2. Tap the “Bluetooth” entry to activate the Bluetooth function.
  3. Now your smartphone is already searching for available devices with which it can connect.
  4. The AirPods Now put in the charging case and leaves open this.
  5. There is a setup button on the back. Press the button until the LED flashes white.
  6. Now you can also see the AirPods on the smartphone with the available Bluetooth devices. You can connect the AirPods with one tap.

Control AirPods with gestures – how it works

Apple’s AirPods master various typing gestures, but so far these have been heavily regulated. With iOS 11 that changes significantly. This practical tip shows you how to use the new gestures.

Control AirPods with gestures – that’s the reason

So far, Apple has severely restricted which options can be controlled with the individual typing gestures of the AirPods.

  • So it was only possible to either start Siri, answer a call, hang up or switch to another call.
  • With this, however, Apple gave away a large part of the potential that lies in the intelligent gestures of the AirPods.
  • The company from Silicon Valley should have noticed that itself, because with the iOS 11, which will be available from autumn, the setting options for the in-ears change.
  • If you update to iOS 11, you can enjoy many individual gestures to control the AirPods.

Control AirPods with gestures – implementation

  1. To do this, simply open the settings in iOS 11 and select the AirPods in the Bluetooth menu.
  2. Under the entry “Double tap on AirPod” you can assign a special action for both left and right AirPod for the double tap.
  3. There are at least five options available: Siri, play / pause playback, skip to the next or previous track and completely deactivate the function.
  4. The selection of the individual double-tap options also has no influence on the functions for calls.

These can still be accepted by typing, and switching between two calls is still possible in the same way.


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