How to backup mobile phone data in android smartphones?

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How to backup mobile phone data in android smartphones?

  1. Android backup on PC
  2. Backup via the cloud
  3. Android backup via Google
  4. Backup apps for Android
  5. Forgot Android backup: what now?

If the cell phone is gone, a lot of personal data may be lost. Contacts, user settings, photos and apps – in the worst case, everything is gone . If you regularly make Android backups, you can access the backed up data at any time. This is also useful if hardware is damaged or you want to transfer data to a new cell phone .

Best of all, if you know how to do it, such a backup can be done quickly. We show you different options – from local Android backup on the PC to backup apps.

Android backup on PC

You store the data externally on the PC. That means additional security. Another advantage is the large storage capacity of the hard drive. Many smartphone manufacturers offer software for free download . This is primarily used to update firmware or to synchronize apps and PC programs, such as your Outlook calendar. Usually there is also a backup function.

To make an Android backup on your PC for your Samsung smartphone or tablet, you can use Kies or the successor Smart Switch . Kies supports all models up to version 4.2.2. If you have Android 4.3 or a higher version, Smart Switch helps you with data backup.

Alternatively, there is also manufacturer-independent freeware , for example MyPhoneExplorer. With the program you make Android backups and save the backup files on your hard drive. After the download, the data exchange works via USB, Bluetooth or WLAN.

Backup via the cloud

The cloud is another way to back up data from your smartphone externally. The big advantage is their constant availability . You can access the stored data at any time and from anywhere – even without a PC or laptop.

If you want to back up your data from Android online, the MD Cloud could be just the thing for you. It has been awarded the seal of approval by the Cloud Services Made in Germany initiative and, thanks to the free cloud app, enables you to optimally organize your data.

Android backup via Google

Of course, Google also offers a few options for data backup via its own operating system. If you have created a Google account , you can use Google Drive to save photos and contacts, but also personal settings such as passwords and apps installed via the Google Play Store under your Google account.

In contrast to manual backup of your data on the PC or in the cloud, the backup is carried out automatically via Google Drive – provided you have activated the option. You do not have to write a memo for regular data backup. Your Google account also gives you access to the data from anywhere with other devices.

Important : Not all Android apps allow backup via Google Drive. Therefore, not all data may be backed up.

Back up application data, passwords and settings

  1. Go into the settings and select “Cloud and accounts” and then “Backup and reset” or “Backup and restore”. The exact name can vary.
  2. Activate the menu item “Back up my data” if you have already added a Google account.
  3. If you don’t have a Google account yet, activate the data backup and add your backup account.

Secure contacts

Change the location of “Phone” or “SIM card” to your Google account to save newly created contacts directly in the cloud.

Backup apps for Android

There are numerous apps in the Google Play Store that enable manufacturer-independent Android backups. Some of them work without, others only with root access without restrictions:

Titanium Backup

The Titanium Backup ( Android ) app enables a very extensive data backup. You can save everything from system settings to widgets to SMS. Even saves are not lost. Once activated, the data is automatically archived regularly. To do this, however, the app requires root access . That always poses a certain security risk.

Titanium Backup is available as a free and paid version. With Titanium Backup PRO Key ( Android ) you can also backup your Android backups to Dropbox or Google Drive, for example.

Helium backup

If you don’t believe in sharing your smartphone’s root rights, Helium Backup ( Android ) is a good alternative. However, you have to make a few cuts in the scope of the backup. The app is also available in a free and a paid version. Helium Premium ( Android ) is particularly convincing due to its pleasant handling.

Forgot Android backup: what now?

Did you accidentally delete data on your smartphone and have no backup up your sleeve? Then, first of all, keep calm . Turn on flight mode so the deleted files are not overwritten and start data recovery.

Restore contacts and messages

If contacts and messages are lost, you can restore them with the ” Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery ” program. After installation on the computer, connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable, then open the program on the PC. Once you have confirmed the superuser request on your mobile phone, you can select the data you want to restore in the program window on your computer:

  1. Select the “Contacts” or “Messages” option.
  2. Click the “Start Scan” option.
  3. Have the deleted files displayed via the “Show only deleted” tab.
  4. Select the relevant files and click “Recover” to restore them.
  5. Comprehensive data recovery


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