How much YouTube Earned in 2019? YouTube Money Stats

youtube income in 2019 has been more than $15 billion dollar. It has progressed by 24% as compared to the revenue in 2017 &18.

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How much YouTube Earned in 2019? YouTube Money Stats?

“Alphabet said revenue in 2019 was more than $ 4 billion from 2018” 


YouTube is a popular video watching and sharing channel. Since, Google has bought it; it is progressing by day and night. YouTube has expanded its operations by introducing a lot of new features. Moreover, it has provided more space to YouTubers to earn money online by posting videos. We can say that, in contemporary era, YouTube has become a useful resource for commercial companies, ecommerce industry and domestic users. In short it has galvanized every major and minor figure of the society in its platform.

YouTube is Beating Facebook and Daily Motion

Just a couple of days before Google has released a report in which it has explained the net revenue of Youtube in 2019. And the figures are eye opening. It is moving ahead by leaving all major competitors behind. Whether it is Daily Motion, or Facebook videos, no one is there to compete it. There are various reasons. Perhaps none of the other channel provides such revenue generation policies. Or they have less exposure.

A report has emerged about how much money Google has earned in a year from the well-known video-sharing website.

YouTube earned $ 15 billion in 2019

The first report of its kind has been shared by Google and YouTube parent company Alphabet, which says its children’s company YouTube earned $ 15 billion (about 23 trillion 16 billion Pakistani rupees) last year

Alphabet said revenue in 2019 was more than $ 4 billion from 2018, which means that YouTube only made more than 25 percent this year.

According to the company, YouTube made $ 8 billion 10 billion (more than about 51 trillion Pakistani rupees) in 2017, while in 2018 it earned $ 11 billion 20 million (about 17 trillion 29 billion and more than 84 million Pakistani rupees

In its earnings, YouTube did not include TV service and revenue stream earnings, but in this regard, the company’s CEO, Sunder Pachai, says the company will make an additional $ 3 billion (about 4 trillion 63 billion) in 2019. Pakistani rupees)

Cloud Service Revenue

Google reported in its report that it made $ 8 billion 90 million (about 13 trillion 74 billion Pakistani rupees) last year with the help of cloud service.

Similarly, Cloud’s service earned $ 5 billion 80 billion (about 9 trillion Pakistani rupees) in 2018 and $ 4 billion (more than about 61 billion 78 trillion Pakistani rupees) in 2017.

Talking about the earnings from YouTube, Ruth Porte, YouTube’s chief financial officer, said that Google does not own all of the revenue, but rather distributes most of it to content creators.

According to Google reports, its earnings were estimated at $ 46 billion 94 billion (more than 72 trillion 49 billion Pakistani rupees), but its revenue last year was $ 46 billion 8 billion (more than 71 trillion Pakistani rupees)


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