power consumption of computer per hour
power consumption of computer per hour


It will be interesting to analyze not only lean. In case of power outages, the power supply unit (PSU) is the first to be hit. From this, frequent breakdowns, which usually involve replacing the unit with a new one.

It is not necessary to put the power supply unit the same as it was. If you have questions, there are doubts about the correctness of the choice, you can make the necessary calculations. 

How to find out how much power your computer is using? 

The amount of current consumed depends on the components. If a system unit and a monitor are connected to the sockets, they take into account the “appetites” of the processor , video adapter, drives, motherboard, RAM , etc., not forgetting about the display. Can:

  1. Add up their powers on the calculator.
  2. Use a specialized online calculator.
  3. Connect the equipment through a power meter. 

Gaming PC 

When calculating in online calculators, it will not be possible to recreate an accurate picture of energy consumption per day or month, since they include possible maximums. The most accurate way to calculate how much electricity a gaming computer uses is to test it under load by connecting it through a power meter. With modern games running, the device display can show up to 400 watts or more. 

Here’s an example of testing an average gaming computer with an air cooling system and one video card:

  • No heavy programs are running on a warm PC. Power consumption – 140 watts.
  • We started rendering video – 240 watts.
  • Without interrupting rendering, we decided to play – 400 watts.
  • Finished rendering, continue shooting / driving – 300 watts. 

If you use the computer exclusively for games, and spend 5 hours on it every day. – 300 * 5 * 30 = 45 kW will be released in a month. A similar calculation for the monitor: 40 * 5 * 30 = 6 kW. Total: 45 + 6 = 51 kW.

Normal PC 

People who are not fond of games usually spend time on less resource-intensive tasks: surfing the Internet, chatting on social networks, video calling, etc. The power consumption of a home computer that is not equipped with an advanced processor and video card is more important than the monitor. 

We will also take it into account in approximate calculations, but we will do it after testing the system unit. If you run a system unit with an i5 processor and a GTX650Ti video adapter, it consumes 110 watts when reading and watching on YouTube, 150 watts for simple toys, and 160 watts for rendering. 

We average and it comes out 140 watts. We add 40 W, which the display “eats” – 180 Watt / hour comes out. If you take the same 5 hours a day, 180 * 5 * 30 = 27 kW gets into the monthly payment. Testing confirms that, unlike a gaming computer, a 400W PSU is sufficient for an office PC.


Basically, users are interested in how many kilowatts a computer consumes, and people do not turn off laptops all day without fear of meter readings. This position is justified, since the power of a conventional laptop is approximately at the level of an LED lamp. It depends on:

  • diagonals of the laptop,
  • its fillings,
  • intensity of exploitation. 

Many 15-inch laptops have 45W PSUs, 17-inch laptops are 65W. If the power is not indicated, it is recognized by multiplying the output voltage of the power supply V by the amperage A. For example, like this: 20 * 3.25 = 65 W. A gaming laptop can draw 170W or more. In terms of gluttony, an office laptop can be compared to an incandescent light bulb, a gaming laptop – with a stationary budget device.

Computer Power Consumption in Sleep Mode 

Windows OS allows you to take advantage of sleep mode in the pauses between hard work or entertainment on your computer. How much electricity does a dozing computer take? About 4 watts. In a state of rest goes out the screen of the monitor , stop drives and coolers, unsaved data remains in RAM. The PC wakes up after pressing any key or after moving the mouse. 

Hibernation mode works in a similar way, only unsaved data is written to the hard drive, and if the PC is suddenly de-energized, information is not lost. There is also a hybrid mode, in which open tabs and files are saved to both fast and permanent memory. Electricity consumption during hibernation is about 2 W / h. The transition to all these modes can be configured or started manually.

How to reduce your computer’s power consumption? 

You can save electricity in the following ways:

  • Install a power saving scheme in Windows . Let the PC go into hibernation when idle.
  • Turn off a non-working computer at night.
  • When not in use, keep power-hungry peripherals such as a laser printer off.
  • Try processor undervolting. After this procedure, the excess voltage applied to the chip is reduced. The computer works faster, quieter, more economical.
  • You can reduce your gaming PC’s appetite by lowering the on-screen frame rate. The video adapter will take less electricity, and this may not affect the quality of the picture. 

After all these manipulations, the computer will pull as much as it really needs. Perhaps the amount for electricity in bills will be slightly reduced. 

Finally, we give a comparison plate for online calculators, with which you can calculate how much electricity a modern computer draws by filling in the fields with the main components: 

PC configurationPower measured by the deviceBequietCoolermasterOutervision

It can be seen from the table that the Bequiet service considers the most objective, but here it should be borne in mind that all these online sites are intended mainly for assessing the capabilities of the power supply unit in the context of the hardware selected for assembly. The rest of the virtual calculators provide a large supply for components that may be needed in the future.


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