Hidden Google Map Features that every driver should know

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Hidden Google Map Features that every driver should know

 Google Map secrets 2020- Learn How to Use Google maps

Google Maps now offers drivers a whole range of practical functions that should get you to your destination faster.  In the article we show you how the navigation app can help you avoid traffic jams, search for a parking space, punctuality and music handling and how you can also ensure that the Google Maps app on the Smartphone uses less battery.

Many drivers are now guided by Google Maps in traffic. Instead of an additional device that you plug in via the cigarette lighter, you can simply use your smartphone.

Google’s map service has become enormously versatile over the years and now has a number of hidden features up its sleeve that many users probably do not even know. In the text below, we present some functions that are particularly interesting for drivers.

After a long day at work, all you want is a quick drive home with little traffic. Too often this hope is disappointed by long columns of cars on busy roads. Google Maps shows you when to start to avoid rush hour. On a bar chart in the app you can see how the traffic is at what time of day and this is the quickest way to get to your destination. The feature is very reliable, but cannot take unforeseen events such as accidents into account.

Unfortunately Google Maps cannot help you with parking, but it does help you find a parking space.

Using data from the past, the card service systematically calculates the expected parking space situation and you can see immediately where you can statistically best park. The bottom part of the route view shows whether it is easy, normal or difficult to find a parking space. You can recognize the feature by a red circle in which the letter “P” is written.

  “Additional tip: You have also been able to save the position of your parking space on Google Maps for some time.”

Control music services with Google Maps

The times when you had to laboriously switch back and forth between Google Maps and a music app are also over, because the route planner is now compatible with Spotify and Apple Music. To display the music controls while navigating, simply change the relevant setting in the main menu:

  1. Open the main menu in Google Maps, select the gear icon and click on “Navigation”.
  2. Now activate the “controls for music playback” on an iPhone, and the “controls for media playback” on Android.

With this trick, you can also easily listen to music on a jam-free journey and when parking is stress-free.

Schedule departure and arrival times

Get into the car at the perfect moment to reach your destination at the right time: This is now also possible with Google Maps . If the user enters the desired arrival time in the route planning, Google calculates the time at which the user has to drive to make it to the destination on time, taking into account relevant factors such as construction sites, the rush hour and the general traffic situation.

Save battery with the display trick

All of the above-mentioned functions in Google Maps are of little help if the smartphone’s battery gives up. In order to prevent this from happening, we will give you another clever trick: You can now use Google Maps navigation in Dark Mode as standard in the settings. In addition to the eye-friendly aspect, the darkened color scheme on OLED displays also has the advantage that the battery is less stressed.

As we found in a corresponding test with Google Maps, the smartphone can last up to 60 percent longer in dark mode than with the light color scheme. Especially for long distances, it can make sense to always use the map app in a dark color scheme.


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