FBR mobile tax list 2019 – Latest FBR mobile tax rates on imported phones

fbr mobile tax list 2019 shows a significant increase in imported mobiles. We have updated both fbr imported mobile tax list 2019 & 18.

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FBR mobile tax list 2019 – Latest FBR mobile tax rates on imported phones

How much tax you will pay on your next imported smartphone?

How much tax has been increased in latest fbr mobile tax list 2019? For readers’ convenience, we have brought to you most acute information about exact tax you will pay on next imported mobile phone. Previously, government had given some relaxation on imported phones such as; first phone was free to import. It means anyone coming to Pakistan can bring mobile device without paying any duty. He will simply register phone in pta dirbs system.

Later, a couple of days before, Government removed this facility and every mobile device brought under tax system whether it is first or last; imported will pay the price.

To read more https://www.phonebechdou.com/blog/govt-exempts-free-phone-status-pta-phone-registration-online-latest-update/

Now in finance supplementary amendment bill 2019, taxes on imported smartphones have been revised and all tax slabs have brought under a single tax net. A fix amount will be paid to fbr for a legal mobile import. So, what is the latest fbr mobile tax list 2019?tax on phones pta - phonebechdou

Latest FBR mobile tax list 2019

Serial No Mobile actual price Applicable tax
1 $30-100 Rs3,600
2 $100-200 Rs5,400
3 $200- $350 Rs7,200
4 $350-500 Rs20,700
5 more than $500 Rs40,390


FBR mobile tax list 2018

Here is old fbr mobile tax list 2018

Serial No Mobile actual price Applicable tax
1 $30-100 Rs1,800 per set
2 $100-200 Rs2,700 per set
3 $200- $350 Rs3,600 per set
4 $350-500 Rs10,500 per set
5 more than $500 Rs18,500 per set


Due to the currency devaluation, and revenue deficit Govt. of Pakistan is taking urgent and cohesive measure to meet the set revenue targets. That is why, it has urged fbr to stop all illegal mobile phone export and increase tax ratio.

Fbr mobile registration procedure

If you have imported a phone through legal channel and want to register it at fbr mobile registration centrre, fbr mobile registration method is:

  1. Apply for coc (certificate of compliance) at pta website
  2. Coc can be applied to the custom authorities too
  3. On receipt of declaration, customs officials will verify the credentials and proceed it to pta for online issuance of coc.
  4. According to the coc, exact amount will be deposited

If you don’t know how to register your first device in PTA, you can visit our following link. It will guide you through step by step procedure to register an unregistered mobile phone with pta dirbs system.



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