Governments Collects 7 Billion tax on mobile phones in 6 months

on pta mobile registration tax, government of Pakistan collects a huge amount. There are still good news ahead from latest fbr mobile tax policy 2019.

Governments Collects 7 Billion tax on mobile phones in 6 month - phonebechdou

Governments Collect 7 Billion tax on mobile phones in 6 months

Few days before, the standing committee of revenue has revealed in a meeting that it has collected more than 6 billion rupees on imposing fbr mobile tax on imported smartphones. Fbr mobile tax policy has started revealing fruitful results. In just 6 months, fbr has successfully received a huge amount.  Subsequently, since fbr has softened its mobile tax rates on imported devices, retailers have shown a great interest in importing mobile phone devices.

Mobile Phone imort has increased on high scale

Inspite of heavy taxes on imported smartphones, people are importing expensive mobile phones in Pakistan. Fbr mobile tax policy 2019 has benefitted the system in 2 ways:

  • The revenue system on mobile phone import has been streamlined
  • Illegal mobile phone activities have been reduced

Although, high tax rates on mobile phones have created unrest among people but it has strengthened the federal government in many ways.

  • Government is getting more revenue
  • Mobile phone smuggling is being discouraged
  • It is enhancing security measures
  • Every mobile phone is under pta tax mobile phone tax radar by dirbs system

These are all the advantages, federal government has achieved by regulating following checks:

  • Pta mobile registration online
  • Pta mobile registration tax calculation via fair means
  • Pta mobile registration check online free of cost
  • Pta mobile tax calculator

In the committee, Member Customs Policy, Muhammad Javed Ghani briefed the audience about fbr mobile tax calculation and new steps being taken to increase mobile phone revenue. FBR also suggested to reduce mobile phone tax rates on imported devices. It will not only mobilize mobile phone market but also generate more revenue.

PTA mobile phone tax and fbr mobile phone tax difference

It is very important to know the difference between both terms. Fbr regulates mobile tax policy on imported smartphone devices. Whereas pta observes whether there is any phone running in the country without pta registration. So, in short if you have an old phone and its imei no is not verified with pa online registration dirbs check, you need to register it first. In the process of registration, pta displays you the exact amount of mobile phone registration. An owner of mobile phone can pay this fee to any bank later.


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