Gorilla Glass 6 vs. Gorilla Glass 5: these are the differences

Gorilla Glass is a largely scratch-resistant and break-resistant glass mixture that protects your smartphone display. corning gorilla glass 6 phones.

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Gorilla Glass 6 vs. Gorilla Glass 5: these are the differences

Upcoming corning gorilla glass 6 phones


Gorilla Glass is a largely scratch-resistant and break-resistant glass mixture that protects your smartphone display from most falls and carelessness. The latest cell phones are equipped with Gorilla Glass 6. We’ll show you why it’s better than Gorilla Glass 5.


Samsung recently launched its new Galaxy S10 smartphones. In addition to various technical innovations, the premium devices are also equipped with the latest generation of the well-known Gorilla Glass protective glass from the manufacturer Corning. The display is now protected by Gorilla Glass 6. However, the older Gorilla Glass 5 is used on the back. According to Samsung and Corning, the new version is twice as good in a direct comparison. But how does this make itself felt in everyday life? To put it in a nutshell: Gorilla Glass 6 is more durable and on average survives more falls than Gorilla Glass 5.


Gorilla Glass 6 and Gorilla Glass 5 in the test

In improving its protective glass, Corning carefully analyzed why displays tend to splinter or break after falling. The result was that most screens lose “toughness” after repeated stress, that is, after several falls. Every impact weakens them a little more, so that they eventually break. To counteract this, Corning has increased the stress resistance of Gorilla Glass 6. The test shows that the new protective glass survives an average of 15 falls from a height of 1 meter before it splinters or breaks. This makes it twice as durable as Gorilla Glass 5. The new version should also be able to handle falls from a height of over one meter more often without damage.


Broken display on smartphone

In the stress test, i.e. dropping the smartphone several times, Gorilla Glass 6 lasted twice as long.

Susceptibility to scratches remains

Corning achieved the improved stress resistance in Gorilla Glass 6 through a new chemical composition that leads to improved material compression. In plain language, this means that Gorilla Glass 6 has fewer bumps than Gorilla Glass 5 and therefore offers fewer weak points for potential cracks. This makes the protective glass more robust, but does not increase its scratch resistance, as is often wrongly assumed. Grains of sand, keys and stone surfaces are still the deadly enemy of your display.


Smartphones with Gorilla Glass 6

Gorilla Glass 6 is now available in many premium smartphones. It started with the Oppo F9 . If you are looking for a newer smartphone, we recommend Samsung’s flagships, the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy S20 Plus. On the Corning manufacturer’s website, you can check whether and which version your smartphone is equipped with.


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