Google Pixel 4A Price in Pakistan 2020: PTA Tax on Google Pixel 4A

Google Pixel 4A Price in Pakistan 2020
Google Pixel 4A Price in Pakistan 2020

Google Pixel 4A Price in Pakistan 2020: PTA Tax on Google Pixel 4A

Pixel 4a costs in USD is: $349

Google Pixel 4A Price in Pakistan: 60,000

PTA tax on Google Pixel 4A: 20,700

After months of waiting, announcements and denials, Google has finally officially presented its Pixel 4a. The new medium range of the Mountain View company is finally out in the open, but there will still be time to buy it, and the first news is just this: it will be available on the official store starting from October 1st.

The fil rouge that accompanied the launch of the latest Google smartphone was undoubtedly the time spent fantasizing about it. Generally, the company launches a top of the range in the autumn and the consequent medium range in the spring, but this year things went differently: while Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL came out regularly in November following the roadmap, Pixel 4a it took a long time , since it has been discussed with substantial leaks since March.

Although the leaks have already leaked much of the spec aspect of the new, expected mid-range, it must be said that the formalization has also reserved some surprises. So how does the new Pixel 4a perform? And what are the differences compared to its predecessor, the Pixel 3a, which I have been using as the primary smartphone for almost a year? Here is my experience.

A noticeable improvement, above all because it eliminates the two large black bands to which, in honor of my pragmatism focused on compactness, I had to get used to the Pixel 3a, and which “aged” its appearance a bit, referring to design much older.

Google Pixel 4A Display and screen

The new screen format, more elongated, has brought with it the need to find new solutions for the front camera , which has been positioned inside a punch hole in the upper left , also differentiating itself from the “older” brother, the top from the Pixel 4 range which had maintained a thin black border. Personally, it is a choice that I do not mind at all: I find it contemporary, it does not bother with notifications and can be enhanced with a series of ad hoc backgrounds.

The lines, as a whole, recall those already proposed for Pixel 4 and 4XL : clean, slightly rounded, with an atypical design. Despite having abandoned the glass of the top-of-the-range version, in this case too the materials are cared for and pleasant to the touch: the polycarbonate shell is well-made and does not catch the fingerprints, as well as the Gorilla Glass 3 that protects the screen.

Good grip and comfortable position of the fingerprint reader which is very precise ; although, given the price range, it would have been desirable to implement it under the screen or at least in the side button. Confirmed the presence of the 3.5 mm audio jack, which I personally appreciate; instead, the IP68 certification and wireless charging are missing, which is somewhat obvious for midrange.

A note on the colors: while the aforementioned top of the range also boasted a beautiful coral orange and the Pixel 3a was white and characterized by the glossy finish in the middle of the back cover – which, together with the contrasting power button, recalled the look “of family “- this time the only color available in Italy is for now the black one, with a contrasting button in aqua green . Definitely sober, but a little more anonymous than the previous ones for my taste.

Google Pixel 4A Camera

At first glance, reading the specifications, it could seem that nothing has changed in the photographic sector: the image sensor is the same, both in the rear camera (which also, as on the Pixel 3a, is single) from 12.2 MP with optical and electronic stabilization than in the 8 MP front one. The camera app is also basically the same, except for the introduction of the ability to adjust brightness and shadows with the double exposure controls.

Google Pixel 4A Performance overview

And instead, the differences are there, and they are seen : the biggest difference I noticed in the videos, where the stabilization compared to the Pixel 3a is really impressive. The reason, obviously, is to be found in the change of the system-on-a-chip , the new Snapdragone 730 mounts the ISP Spectra 350 as standard. Since the optical stabilization works together with the digital one, the result is much more convincing, almost in line with the top of the Pixel 4XL range. Do not miss the direct comparison in our video to see directly what I have just described.

As on the Pixel 3a there is the possibility to shoot videos up to 4K resolution at 30 fps , with excellent results in terms of quality, fluidity and stabilization. Also interesting, during video calls with Google Duo, the self-adjustment of the zoom based on the number of subjects in the frame. Not a small detail in the era of remote business meetings.

Google Pixel 4A Conclusion

Like its predecessor, this Pixel 4a also allows you to try the so-called Google experience as a whole at a more accessible cost than its bigger brothers , by enclosing in a compact smartphone everything you need, in addition to a truly excellent photographic sector, and succeeds in ‘company.


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