Google Home: device guide and comparison: How does it work?

Google Home: device guide and comparison: How does it work?
Google Home: device guide and comparison: How does it work?

Google Home: device guide and comparison: How does it work?

Take a look at this guide to distinguish the various Google Home products, find out their differences and how to best use them.

In the world of the Internet of Things there is certainly plenty of room for many smart devices. From smart speakers to systems to make your home domotic . In short, the products belonging to this range are really many and with the most varied features. Specifically, today we want to talk to you about  Google Home , a series of smart speakers useful for giving commands and receiving answers. The main convenience of the products of the Google Home family is given by the versatility. In fact, they can be both valid assistants during daily actions and real audio speakers. In short, it is not just a futile trendy object to keep up with the times but a real trusted friend.

Google Home: what it is?

What is Google Home? Google Home intended as a general model is none other than a smart speaker as already stated. A cash desk connected to the home network capable of understanding our requests and interacting with what has been requested. Until a few years ago all this seemed like a utopia all over the world that now includes the IoT.

 In fact, thanks to the extraordinary investments in artificial intelligence applied to technological devices, today we can have these high-tech products. One of the companies that has invested the most in this technology is certainly Google. Until a few years ago asking the question what is Google Home was definitely crazy because nothing was known about this product. However, today we know its usefulness and functionality in various household chores.

How Google Home works: what to do?

We will try in this guide to explain what you can ask the Google Assistant and how Google Home works.

Let’s see in summary how to configure Google Home thanks to the app:

  • Open the app and tap on “Start”.
  • Connect your Google Account now, remember to accept the consent to geolocation and location.
  • Then you will be asked whether to activate the Voice Match option which allows you to recognize only your recorded voice or maybe that of your father.
  • Finally, connect your favorite streaming apps such as Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and others to give commands to the assistant.
  • Once you have finished the first configuration you can start using Google Home simply by saying the magic formula “ OK Google ” or “ Hey Google ”.

If it is still not clear to you what Google Home is for, we will soon clear your ideas.

The Mountain View voice assistant allows, as already mentioned a few lines above, to help us with some household chores.

Among the main features of Google Home , there is the possibility to start a radio via TuneIn or play a playlist from Spotify, in addition to the function that allows the device to tell you the breaking news. It is also possible to ask to set an alarm, look for the telephone that we may have left upstairs, or ask to set a timer.

In addition, you can ask Google to play on your TV – if compatible with the Google Home system or if you have a Chromecast – the last season of the Paper House or to start the latest video of your favorite youtuber.

With the virtual assistant you can control the house lights or adjust the room temperature if you have installed Smart products compatible with the ecosystem.


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