Google cuts off some services to Huawei mobiles and computers

After a long-term trade war between China and America, Donald Trump has blacklisted Huawei technology. Let us read what can be the consequences.

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Google cuts off some services to Huawei mobiles and computers

Latest updates confirm high tensions between Google and Huawei trade war

“Huawei is ready to execute its plan B once Google bans its services”

After a long trade war between China and USA, both countries are restricting trading facilities being provided in both countries. Seeing China expensive control on world economy, Americas has imposed heavy duties on Chinese products that also includes Huawei technologies- one of the leading technology brand in China. The most disastrous setback is done by American Tech giant; Google which has cut of some of its features from Huawei mobiles.

Huawei import tech features and devices from all over the world worth of $60 billion and American share is 10 to 12 percent of Huawei’s total consumption.

Which Google services are off to Huawei mobiles?

According to the latest news, the management of Google has decided to cut of playstore services from Huawei devices. That will prevent access to the upcoming Huawei mobiles. Other American companies are also joining this boycott due to the recent blacklisting by Trump management.

Will Huawei existing mobile be affected by Google action?

Here is a good news for existing Huawei customers that they will not be affected by this ban as they can use all Google services, but yes they will not be able to get updates anymore.

Will Huawei provide updates to its customers all over the world?

Yes, the CEO of Huawei has claimed that they were already prepared for this blow and they were working on a new operating system and security firmware. The officials of Huawei claim that they will send their own firmware updates once Google cuts off security services to Huawei.

Has Huawei built their own operating system?

Huawei has built its own Operating System, as YU the CEO of Huawei has confirmed that they were aware of upcoming sanctions that is why it took years to build a new operating system like Google Android.

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