Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs. Apple Watch 5- galaxy watch active 2 review

apple watch 5 vs samsung galaxy active 2

Galaxy Watch Active 2 vs. Apple Watch 5- galaxy watch active 2 review

Samsung and Apple dominate the smartwatch market. The two manufacturers are currently delivering a head-to-head race with the Apple Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Find out where the respective strengths lie here.

Apple and Samsung – the two manufacturers have been offering smartwatches with their own operating systems for several years and alternately hand in hand the innovations. Apple is currently ahead of the pack with the Apple Watch Series 5. But there are also good reasons to buy the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Here you can find out the strengths of smart watches. Thanks to the always-on display, both smartwatches are not only suitable as a smart companion, but also as a time indicator. That means: Instead of a black screen, they permanently display the time.

Comparison: design, sizes and variants

The design of the two rival smartwatches is fundamentally different. While Apple uses an almost square model with rounded corners, Samsung maintains the design of classic watches with its round shape. However, the case sizes are the same for the competition. Both watches are available with a 40 or 44 millimeter case. Another commonality: Both manufacturers also offer an LTE variant . This then contains an eSIM that users can bring to life with a multi-SIM tariff. For example, calls can be made using a smartwatch without the cell phone connected via Bluetooth or a WLAN network being nearby.

Fitness functions: Apple Watch vs. Galaxy Watch

Both smartwatches have built in a lot of fitness sensors: motion sensors, heart rate sensors, GPS and barometers are in it. It can be used to record a range of sports. The watches also automatically recognize some training sessions. The most reliable way to do this is by running or walking. After ten minutes of movement, the smartwatch vibrates and then records a workout (if desired). In everyday life, the clocks count steps and calculate calories burned. However, only the Galaxy Watch Active records sleep duration and quality.

One can do it, one is still learning

In autumn 2018, Apple presented the Smartwatch Series 4. Thanks to new sensors, it has gained many functions: the electrodes record an electrocardiogram ( ECG ) and thus notice the cardiac arrhythmia. The finer motion sensors in turn detect serious falls and the watch makes an emergency call in such a case. Via Apple PayPay watch owners by NFC payment with the watch at modern EC card stations. The successor Apple Watch Series 5 also masters this technology. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 also carries the necessary sensors for all of these functions in the housing, but the software has not yet enabled them. The manufacturer intends to deliver them via update – probably 2020. So Apple is currently clearly ahead in terms of innovations.

Messaging and music functions

Messaging is one of the most popular features for smartwatches. Samsung’s watch, like the Apple Watch, reflects all the messages that come in on the phone. Both clocks can be used to accept calls and speakers and microphone can even be used to make calls. You can only reply to third-party messages such as WhatsApp via smartwatch if a message arrives. SMS can not only be answered, but also written if no message has been received.

Apart from messaging, Samsung and Apple offer even more: the possibility of musicon the one hand to control it remotely on the mobile phone (no matter which app you use on the mobile phone for playback) and on the other hand to save and transmit it to Bluetooth headphones. The watches only cooperate with certain providers for storage. Apple Watch users only have Apple Music or Apple’s in-house music app. Samsung users save MP3 tracks or music from Spotify.

Apps, voice assistant & Co.

A watch is only a real smartwatch if it can be expanded with apps . Both devices gain apps via the appropriate application on the smartphone (“Watch” for the Apple Watch and “Wear” for the Galaxy Watch), but also have a store on the watch itself. There is some more for both of them less useful programs. The best apps for Samsung’s watch: Here we go for navigation and Spotify for music streaming customers. Apple offers the DB Navigator or the Bring! Shopping list .

A voice assistant is particularly useful for a device as small as a watch because typing on the keyboard is cumbersome. Both watches react to text input via microphone, so they offer a dictation function. Siri is used on the Apple Watch, the Samsung watch works with Bixby. Both language assistants speak German and answer verbally and through the loudspeaker. Since Apple has integrated Siri into the watch for a long time, the voice assistant runs a little more smoothly.

Important: note compatibility

Every smartwatch requires a compatible smartphone for both setup and use. Good news for iPhone owners: Both the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch are compatible with Apple smartphones. An iPhone 13 with iOS 13, i.e. at least generation 6S, is required to use the Apple Watch. The Galaxy Watch works with iPhones from iOS 9.0. However, if you pair the Samsung watch with the iPhone, you have to live with restrictions.

For example, the apps are installed and used, and the watch only mirrors messages from the cell phone without offering a way to reply. Android smartphones can only be paired with the Galaxy Watch. It requires a smartphone with at least Android 5.0 and 1.5 gigabytes of RAM.


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