Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB Review

what latest features Samsung galaxy note 9 carries? We have highlighted an overview of the dominant features of Note 9 512GB.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB Review

Immersed cinematic experience -One of the best infinity display powered by Samsung ever

Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB design and Display Review

By focusing the today’s demand, Samsung has launched a very powerful and elegant Note series smartphone that is equipped with competitive high-end technology.

Get a premium view with 514 PPi density along with 2960 x 1440 Quad Hd plus resolution. A vast signature pin is made for you to draw anything smoother and faster with utmost reliability. Seeing your favorite pics in daylight is not a problem anymore as Note 9 delivers immense details in sharp light. It has an intelligent built in color adjustment system that optimize surrounding colors brilliantly. Its metal frame structure brings true visualization that one can expect from Samsung smart technology. Sleek in design, stunning in looks- simply, a beauty in your hands.

Samsung Galaxy Note9 512GB Performance Review

Samsung galaxy Note9 is powerful enough to carry any operation. Whether you are performing graphical work, doing multitasking, or playing tough games, it will not bottleneck. Its 4000 mAh battery is a real time power house that will long last mobile activities for the maximum hours. Moreover enjoy 1TB storage as it has 512GB built in storage and 512GB space can be added by SDcard. No matter how much huge files you have, install Blu-ray movies, heavy games and files without space problem.

Why Samsung Galaxy note 9 is perfect for gaming?

While other smartphones get hot playing games, note 9 is equipped with carbon cooling system that maintains device temperature while performing high-end complex tasks. Its water carbon cooling assists its processor to stay fast, and provide sluggish free gaming experience.

S pen- a new way to operate your smartphone

Equipped with powerful Bluetooth technology, Samsung Galaxy note 9 powers you to operate your phone without touching it. Now take control of apps, presentations, and camera with just a single press.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera review

Bad shot is a past thing

With the revolutionary features, Note 9 camera encompasses your expectations. By giving the realistic natural shots, it is a perfect combination of exposure, white balance and contrast. A pair of elegant 12 mega pixels main camera, its wide and telephoto lenses work together to bring comprehensive in-depth shots. One of the best features it carries is its night portrait capturing capability. It smoothly adjusts light, and set true colors to infuse beautiful expression every shot you take.

Take selfies like never before

Now you can take selfies using s pen at the distance of ten meters. Snapping is great with note 9 8 mega pixels front camera. Makes every moment epic by selecting slow motion feature; its face detection is perfect. No embezzlement while photo shooting.

Samsung Dex- turn your phone into pc

Connect a cable and turn your phone into a real time pc. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say, it is one of the best features Samsung galaxy note 9 carries. Turning phone into a pc is fantastic for watching movies on bigger screen. The amazing part is your phone works like a mouse and keyboard too. If you are sitting idle at your home, just connect it with your pc and carry gaming, and watching movies on a larger screen.

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