Find my android phone and iPhone– find my device app

Find my android phone and iPhone– find my device app
Find my android phone and iPhone– find my device app

Find my android phone and iPhone– find my device app

These tips will help you find your smartphone again


  • How to locate your Android phone
  • How to locate your iPhone
  • Find your cell phone via IMEI
  • The best location apps
  • What to do if the cell phone cannot be found
  • Locating other people – you need to know that

Did you lose your cell phone or was it stolen? Modern smartphones are excellently networked – and can be located easily with a few simple steps. In this article, we explain how to find out the last location of your cell phone, whether via IMEI or with apps.


How to locate your Android phone

Android smartphones can be tracked down using the  Android device manager . To do this, you have to activate the location options in advance. With activated localization it is then possible to search for the device via the linked Google account by “ringing” it, to block it and even to delete your data remotely. Our tip: Make these settings immediately after purchase! Some manufacturers, such as Samsung, offer additional services with which the smartphone can be located separately via the network operator.


How to locate your iPhone?

iPhones already have an option for cell phone location preinstalled. Contrary to what many users think, iTunes is not the first port of call here; iPhones transfer their current location to iCloud. To use the tracking, it is only necessary  to activate the “Find my iPhone” function on the iPhone . Then it is possible to locate a lost iPhone. Nice extra: If family sharing is activated, you can find iPhones from other family members in the same way.

Find your cell phone via IMEI

You should always take  preventive measures in case of loss  :

Each smartphone is equipped with a 15-digit, unique serial number, the  IMEI , with which the device can be clearly identified. Write down your IMEI number and save it in a safe place. It is useful if you want to locate or lock your phone remotely. After that, it cannot be used with a SIM card  with a new mobile number.

The best location apps

Apps that you can use to locate and find your smartphone may already be on your device:


Facebook: With the “Live Location” function, you can not only locate your friends, but also specify your own location with tracking to within a few meters. So you can locate your lost cell phone with the help of your friends. But it may also be the case that you cannot find every one of your friends. Because every user chose who can locate their cell phone on Facebook.


WhatsApp:  It has been possible for a long time to send a location to your own contacts via WhatsApp under iOS and Android. In October 2017, the location function was expanded to include the “live location”, which also arrived on most smartphones in 2018. It allows you to share your own location over a certain period of time. The “Live Location” must first be released for this.


Lookout :  With this app, you can not only determine the location of the lost cell phone, but also trigger a loud siren, which can also be heard in silent mode. The app is available for both Android and iOS.


Find a cell phone :  This popular Android app is free of charge and determines the location to within a few meters. In addition, the location of other smartphones, for example your own children, can be determined after approval or approval has been obtained. You can even locate your cell phone with these services abroad.

What to do if the cell phone cannot be found?

If it is not possible to locate your iPhone or Android smartphone, you should take appropriate measures to ensure that unknowns cannot access your data:


Change your Apple ID password or the password for your Google account. A changed password prevents strangers from accessing your cloud or account data or installed apps such as iTunes. Make sure you use secure passwords.

Change all passwords for other accounts on your mobile phone, such as your email account, or social networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter.

Report the loss of your cell phone to the nearest police station. With the serial number (IMEI) of your cell phone, it may then be possible to locate your cell phone the next time you dial into a cell.

Report the loss of your cell phone to your mobile operator so that they can block your tariff access. So finders and thieves do not make phone calls or use illegal data services at their own expense.

Locating other people – you need to know that

Not every user who  has installed software for cell phone location on his  smartphone wants to find his own device again. There can be good and understandable reasons for locating a cell phone – for example, if the children have to master the way to school on their own and their parents want to know whether they have arrived safely. Locating friends or partners is also very popular. Mobile phone location can also be useful for older people suffering from dementia. However, the following applies: The whole thing is only legally flawless after the consent of the person located!


If you intend to locate another person, they must be informed and expressly agree to the location of the cell phone. On the other hand, if you locate other people without their knowledge, you make yourself punishable – especially for people with limited judgment, it is therefore necessary to clarify in advance who and to what extent they can give their consent. Locating your own children is a legal gray area, because they too enjoy individual personal rights. If you want to ensure that your children’s interests are dealt with confidently, you can also ask them for consent if you want to locate your cell phone. Especially with young people, the topic of cell phone location is otherwise the cause of controversial discussions. Incidentally, having smartphones located through your own network operator is generally only permitted for law enforcement purposes.


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