FBR reduces imported mobile phone tax up to 85%- mobile tax rates 2020

fbr new mobile tax list 2020, how much taxes will be applied on imported devices. Calculate pta mobile phone tax in 2020 now.

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FBR reduces imported mobile phone tax up to 85%- mobile tax rates 2020

Federal Govt cuts down duties on imported mobile phones

Tax on mobile phone in Pakistan on import will be off upto 85 percent in New Year. Just couple of weeks before, federal government of Pakistan was thinking to reduce mobile taxes in Pakistan. Now, pta and fbr have cut down mobile tax duties on imported devices.

These reduced taxes are only for thos mobile phone which cost less than $100. Although it is a good step for people who can’t afford huge taxes on small devices but still a lot of overseas Pakistanis will be suffering due to huge taxes.

Furthermore, taxes on smartphones cost upto $100 will be same. The reduced taxes are only for low end cheap imported mobile phones. This is a good step for overseas Pakistanis located in gulf countries. These people cannot afford huge mobile duties in Pakistan. So for hem, who will be coming with $100 mobile phones will get a fair discount on mobile tax in Pakistan.

From when new fbr mobile phone tax rates will be applied?

According to fbr mobile tax list 2020, new reduced tax policy has been applied on 28th December 2019. All imported mobile phones will come under new pta mobile registration fee.

How much money overseas Pakistanis will save on imported phone cost less than $100?

Overseas Pakistanis will be saving 500 rupees on all imported mobile phone under $100. Earlier the fee was 750. Now it is 200 pkr.

What are the advantages of imposing mobile phone taxes in Pakistan?

Previously, people were smuggling mobile phones to Pakistan. Most of the retailers across the country were not paying fbr mobile phone duties. After the implementation of new fbr mobile phone tax policy and pta dirbs system, illegal mobile devices are almost none. Moreover, fbr has also earned massive revenue.

Why govt has reduced mobile phone taxes for $100 imported mobile phones?

Very little amount of people buy expensive smartphones cost $500 or above. The majority of overseas Pakistanis is labor. New fbr mobile tax policy 2020 will encourage them to import maximum devices. This step ultimately will increase fbr tax revenue.


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