FBR duty tax on mobile phones- Tax on nokia mobiles

fbr duty tax on mobile phones have got attention in these days. Check taxes on nokia mobiles in this article.

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FBR duty tax on mobile phones- Tax on sony mobiles

How much tax on Nokia imported mobile phones

Fbr duty tax on mobile phones has been updated just a couple of weeks before. So, according to the new pta tax policy, mobile tax rates has been increased on imported mobile phones. This law is applicable on all international passengers. Earlier, first phone was free of tax. But lter after the approval of federal budget 2018-2019, Pakistan telecommunication Authority and Federal Board of revenue doubled mobile taxes for upcoming passengers.

Since, mobile phone taxes have been incrased, mobile phone dealers across the country sarted protest against these taxes. As, it was clear, they has imported a number of mobile phones illegally. So, their all phons had been blocked by PTA. And they were facing unexpected losses.

Peshawar High Court also ordered PTA to stop blocking mobile phones. The petetion against pta was filed by mobile dealers. But, fbr raised mobile taxes, and brught all tax slabs into one net. For the ease of customers, and management issues, this singl tax slab will help to sort out tx issues.

Coming to the focal point, in this article, we shall discuss fbr duty tax on mobile phones, especialy on nokia mobiles.

FBR duty Tax on nokia mobile phones:

1- Nokia 8.1: Rs7,200

2- Nokia 7.1 4GB RAM 64GB : Rs7,200

3- Nokia 6.1 Plus Dual Sim Mobile: Rs5,400

4- Nokia 5.1 Plus: Rs5,400

5- Nokia 3.1: 5400

6- Nokia 3.1 Plus: 5400

7- Nokia 3.2: 54,00

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